Monday, September 7, 2009

Jumping Tru Hoops

Someone asked about Trudy McIntosh and Cirque... well, here she is!

A July article here talks to Trudy and to Brooke Webb, a fellow Aussie as well as Alegria's artistic director.

There are also some photos here, one of which I have previously posted here at the blog.

I tried to embed the video here but it didn't quite work so apologies if this post appears about four times over!

Thanks to special agent J for the heads-up. It's great to see Trudy's been enjoying herself with the troupe.


Nic said...

Thanks Mez :D
I Love trudy and I'm also a massive fan of Cirque, its great to hear news about her !

Step It Up: said...

Can I just say:
1)Trudy is still so little!!
2) I love how in the 2nd photo she has her toe tucked under like a proper gymnast! Habits are hard to break :D