Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stuff What's Heaps Good 'n' That

1. Someone we all know very well pops up here.

OMG she's pointing at me! And at you! The Great One can see us and loves us! Looooooooooves us! *rolls around in the love, cackling insanely*

But seriously, though. Work that shiny new orthodontic work, girlfriend!

2. Copious apologies for not covering the Japan Junior International. I've been out and about as results have been coming in. GA has put up photos here.

Can these two please be national coaches for a bit? That'd be ace. Thanks.

Emma Collister finished 11th AA and Emily Little squeaked into the top 10, finishing 9th. As I commented in the previous post, Emma apparently had falls on beam and had trouble with her double front bars dismount. On the MAG side, Michael Merceica has qualified for the pommel horse final and is second reserve for the p-bar final. Mitchell Morgans is first reserve for p-bars and second reserve for high bar. They finished 10th and 12AA respectively.


Anonymous said...

In unrelated news the nominative roster for worlds has been posted,11040,5218-198683-215906-156314-0-file,00.pdf

I believe this isn't the final roster but it is interesting to see that they have Georgia as the second AAer, maybe it's an alphabetical thing.

Note it says Sam Peszek is ocmpeting for th U.S wich is incorrect as she's ruled herself out for worlds. Everything else seems fairly accurate in terms of which gymnast will compete what event.

Let the speculation begin!

Anonymous said...

Emma got 4th on Vault and Emily got 6th on Bars