Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food for Thought

Well, hi there.

Are you a gymnast, coach, gym parent or health expert working in conjunction with an Australian gymnastics program?

I'd love to hear from you!

There is an interesting discussion happening at the WWGym forum about nutrition programs and diets within gymnastics programs around the world. I know the AIS has great information available for athletes about the meals served in their dining hall, and that in most state programs there are dietitians and nutritionists that consult training centres.

What's emphasised within your gym's/state's program?
What do you think works? What do you think doesn't work?
What system do you have in place with the gymnast/s in your family?
What measures do you use to ensure moderation?
How do you marry food consumption with exercise plans?
How are sweets or favourite treats managed?
How (if at all) is alcohol managed for athletes 18 and over?
How do competition season meal plans differ from 'off season' meal plans?

Comment away, my foodie friends! Let's get some discussion cooking!

And don't forget to send your entries in for the 2009 Worlds team fan project! It's quite easy to do and is guaranteed to bring some smiles!


The Couch Gymnast said...

My old housemate was a trapeze artist and used to study at NICA, the circus school. They shared a change room with the Prahran Vic gymnastics girls. This housemate was always on a diet, and she would be like, "oh, I can only have so-and-so grams of fat a day" She told me she was getting this info it off this board that was up in the change room for the gymnasts to read, about what they should have as snack, dietary intake etc. My HM was obsessed with that board. It used to make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Taking treats away makes them crave it. I've seen gymnasts eat 5 chocalte bars at once. Sensible eating is best, combo of protien and carbs in every meal, even snack if possible to make you feel full. Your body will be what it is, I think. For example Trudy was a pocket rocket at 5yrs old, not because she did elite training.

Anonymous said...

As a gym parent of an elite girl, we get Nutritional information regularly but it's always just really sensible stuff. Eat some protein after training, try to choose low fat or low sugar alternatives, eat a good variety of fruit and vegtables, drink water.

There never seems to be any obsession or counting involved.

Anonymous said...

See page 14, 15 and 16: http://www.gymnasticsvictoria.org.au/site/gymnastics/vic/downloads/gymsports/Nationals/wag_bris_nat_guide_08.pdf

Anonymous said...

is there something further to this link as it won't come up

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hmm...still didn't work.
Try going to: http://www.gymnasticsvictoria.org.au/default.asp?Page=10068&MenuID=Gymsports%2F20274%2F0%2CWomen%40%5E039s%5FGymnastics%2F20263%2F3358 and look under team guidelines pages 14-16.

Anonymous said...

The first link worked fine for me