Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Liddick in Lincoln

I was concerned when I'd heard word that Peggy Liddick was MIA, out of the country until the end of this first week of September.

Turns out she's been in Lincoln, Nebraska, saluting fellow former University of Nebraska NCAA gymnasts. She was in the gymnastics lineup in the late 70's and even had a coaching stint there.

She'll be back in her adopted home soon, working hard with the girls before they head to Japan/London.

Will she be sending us a Go You Big Red Fire Engine message? Maybe, but until then YOU CAN!


Anonymous said...

Yes, she was in Lincoln attending her former coach's (Francis Allen)retirement. He was coach for 40 years at Univeristy of Nebraska and the 1980 and 1992 USA Men's Olympic Coach. Francis was her coach from a young age and through her university years and mentored her as a professional coach.

coach said...

Concerned? Good grief, we have lives too as coaches you know...give the woman a break. It's gymnastics, not space exploration! She deserves time off like anyone else Mez. Maybe should have titled that post differently

Mez said...

Relax, coach. I gots no beefs! I'm not saying she can't have a life! I'm not saying she can't travel! This is not a critique of coaches and NOT a mudfling on Peggy.

I was just interested to find out she'd gone on a trip so close to Worlds. I suppose the word I could have used was 'wary' or even that very word 'interested' but yes, it surprised me that she'd gone travelling rather than hanging about closer to the Japan team's departure or hunkering down in Canberra with the London girls which I assumed we'd be seeing (as we have with previous major competitions).

Evidently she is satisfied with their progress at this stage of Worlds preparation enough to leave for a few days. Good on her for having that faith in her coaches and athletes.