Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards!

Yes, it's that time again (unfortunately I've left it a few days late!) to nominate for your favourite moments, media nuggets, movers and shakers of the year. You will notice a couple of categories have changed since last year.

The AGBys are back, baby!

Here are the rules again for those of you playing at home:

****You may nominate one favourite in each category, and email your nominations to by December 29th with "Awards 2009" as your subject header. You may vote anonymously but please only vote for ONE nominee in each category (choosing only from the names in that category, no open-ended "other" responses will be accepted) and only vote once. Your details will not be passed on to any correspondents or used for advertising purposes. It's just easier than commenting, really. Results will be tabulated throughout this month and posted on the 30th of December. Get your votes in and show your gym community some love!****

Alrighty, here are 2009's all-singing all-dancing shiny happy nominees!

1. Female Gymnast of the Year

* Lauren Mitchell, WA
* Larrissa Miller, QLD
* Georgia Wheeler, VIC
* Georgia Bonora, VIC
* Britt Greeley, VIC
* Emily Little, WA
* Emma Collister, VIC
* Rachel Collister, VIC
* Georgia Simpson, WA
* Fiona Coley, VIC

2. Male Gymnast of the Year

* Prashanth Sellathurai, NSW
* Philippe Rizzo, NSW
* Sam Offord, SA
* Sam Simpson, QLD
* Matthew Curtis, QLD
* Mitchell Morgans, NSW
* Michael Merceica, NSW
* Aaron Thanas, VIC
* Josh Jefferis, QLD
* Elliott Cook, WA

3. Australian Artistic Gymnastics Team of the Year

* London World Championships WAG
* European Tour Shadow Squad WAG
* North American Tour WAG
* Dityatin/Moscow Cup MAG
* Japan Junior International MAG
* Youth Olympic Festival WAG
* Youth Olympic Festival MAG

4. Coach/Coaching Team of the Year:

* Nikolai Lapchine/Martine George (WAIS)
* John Hart/Shaoyi Jiang (WGC)
* Michelle De Highden/Jeb Silsbury (MLC)
* Sasha Belooussov/Olga Beloousov (MBC)
* Tracey Penaluna/Mischa Barabach (VWHPC)
* Vladmimir Vatkin (AIS)
* Sergei Chinkar (QLD)
* Xiong Song-Liang (NSWIS)

5. Routine of the Year:

* Larrissa Miller, Uneven Bars, World Championships event final

* Prashanth Sellathurai, Pommel Horse, World Championships event final

* Prashanth Sellathurai, Pommel Horse, Moscow World Cup

* Lauren Mitchell, Beam, World Championships event final

* Lauren Mitchell, Floor, World Championships event final

* Britt Greeley, Vault, AYOF event final

* Emily Little, Beam, AYOF all-around

6. "Smile" Moment of the Year:

* Lauren Mitchell's airport homecoming
* Larrissa Miller sticks her dismount in the Worlds bars final
* WAIS vox pops featuring Dasha Joura
* Prashanth Sellathurai's interview after Worlds pommel final
* IDP girls do Stacey Umeh's choreographed dance at camp
* Adam Hills salutes the blog
* Larrissa Miller's mum pays a visit in the Comments
* The VWHPC 'open day' bushfire fundraiser

7. "Sad" Moment of the Year

* Dasha Joura out of action
* Shona Morgan's Worlds injury
* Philippe Rizzo stumbles at Worlds
* Lauren Mitchell misses a World all-around medal
* Natalia Joura takes a bad fall on floor at AYOF
* Jade Martin, Tain Molendijk, Kayleigh Cooke retire

8. Surprise of the Year

* Chloe Sims wins N10 national championship
* Amber Fulljames switches gyms
* Philippe Rizzo loses national high bar championship
* GA launches Twitter
* Naomi Russell joins the VHPC
* The Jouras move to Queensland

9. Simon Reeve Award for Gymnastics Media Coverage

* Rohan Kennedy: Aussie MAG interviews
* Universal Sports: Live-streaming the World Championships
* Olivia Vivian: Reporting for OSU's Beaver Sports Show
* Gymnastics Australia: Tweeting the Aus vs Japan WAG competition
* JumpMedia: YouTubing Aussie gymnasts on tv
* The West: Print and online coverage of Lauren Mitchell at Worlds
* Fox Sports: Interviewing Lauren Mitchell and profiling Waverley Gymnastics

10. Brittany Boffo Award for Memorable (if Unfortunate) Mishaps

* Lauren Mitchell: A step out of bounds costs her a World all-around medal
* Philippe Rizzo: A great high-bar routine spoiled by a sat-down dismount
* Emily Little: An unforseen bars slip at the Rushmoor Rose Bowl (she's ok, folks!)
* Chloe Sims: Less-than-stellar performance at South QLD regional championship... but wins her N10 division anyway!

11. Gymsport Athlete/s of the Year

* Shaun Swadling and Aiden Thomas, Synchro Trampoline
* Naazmi Johnston, Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Ben Wilden, Trampoline
* Sarah Millar, Sport Aerobics
* Haylee Wellard and Jaclyn McAliece, Tumbling/Acro

12. Monique Allen Award for Successful Ex-Gymsporters

* Danielle LeRay, rhythmic coach
* Brennon Dowrick, corporate speaker
* Michelle Telfer, pediatrician
* Allana Slater, judge
* Lisa Skinner, Cirque performer
* Hollie Dykes, coach

13. Photo of the Year

1. Prashanth Sellathurai

2. Larrissa Miller

3. Brittany Boffo

4. Danielle Prince

5. Lauren Mitchell

6. Alex Croak

You can see all of last year's winners here.

Voting is now open so GET TO IT!


Anonymous said...

Jeb Silsbury should be listed with Michelle De Highden (MLC)they both coach together

Anonymous said...

1.Lauren Mitchell, WA
2.Prashanth Sellathurai, NSW
3.London World Championships WAG
4.Nikolai Lapchine/Martine George (WAIS)
5.Larrissa Miller, Uneven Bars, World Championships event final
6.Larrissa Miller sticks her dismount in the Worlds bars final
7.Natalia Joura takes a bad fall on floor at AYOF
8.The Jouras move to Queensland
9.Gymnastics Australia: Tweeting the Aus vs Japan WAG competition
10.Lauren Mitchell: A step out of bounds costs her a World all-around medal
11.Naazmi Johnston, Rhythmic Gymnastics
12.Hollie Dykes, coach
13.(5) Lauren Mitchell

Mez said...

Thanks, Anon, but please send your votes via email, as stipulated in the post.


nswgymnast said...

in the category "suprise of the year" - i dont think chloe sims winning level 10 nationals was a suprise to anyone. she was the CWG champion. and yes i know she had been retired for a while but it still wasnt suprising in the least that she won. i dont mean to be picky, i love your blog and all the other nominations, that one just irritates me.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I would have added is Guiping Wang and co. as the Epping YMCA elite coaching team of the year.
Their girls have dominated the IDP levels this year and they have numerous terrific up-and-comers for 2016 with great polish and beautiful style. We're not just talking 3 or 4 athletes here, we're talking 8-12.

Froggy said...

Can I nominate Natalia Joura's crash at AYOF in the "Smile Moment" category? Not that the crash was funny, but her Dad's reaction was a total pisser! :)


Anonymous said...

12 Section pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

Really? I thought it was quite good. I just read an article on Michelle Telfer and her work recently and was very impressed. She'll be getting my vote.