Friday, December 4, 2009

DJ to Stay

According to The West newspaper today, Dasha Joura will NOT be travelling with her Dad to Queensland. She will stay in WA to continue her university studies. She is still making up her mind about a return to gymnastics once her ankle gets the all-clear from surgeons.

I am awaiting a scan of the article. Meanwhile (thanks Misty), read the online version here.


mistysakura said... A link :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of retiring athletes, does anyone know why Sophie Budack didn't compete at national clubs? Has she quit gymnastics?

Mez said...

Sophie is recovering from an injury.

Anonymous said...

Australia could have a hot bars lineup with Larissa Miller and Daria both there. This team really does need her, even if it is not as an AAer.

I have my fingers and toes crossed that she gives it one more shot, she still has so much gym left in her if she wants it! I am a huge fan!

With this article I don't know whether to be more doubtful of a return since she is not automatically saying yes like before, or less doubtful as she is apparently still deciding and not definitively retired as some have suggested.

I am a little confused though. wasn't her surgery in late June/early July? Wouldn't they already know if it was successful? How long can an all clear from surgeons possibly take?

Does anyone who knows gymnastics really well know how long it would usually take an athlete to go from being out of shape after a break to having competitive routines?

Well, I just hope that she knows how many fans she has from all over the world and that we would all love to see her back out there. She was definitely missed by many at the London worlds (where she probably could have contended for the AA gold if you think about it). If anyone knows her please pass this on!

Anonymous said...

Re: Sophie Budack, there is a new interview of Miller posted on Youtube and she can be seen in the background hopping in a leotard with a giant cast/brace on her leg! I thought they would give her a break but I guess not.