Sunday, December 27, 2009


Just wanted to wish rising star Larrissa Miller a speedy recovery after what I've been told was a very recent foot surgery.

Hope to see you back out there, strutting yer stuff, very soon!

Two thumbs up:


I also hope that you all had enjoyable Christmasses. I know I did! My laptop now sits pretty on a little stable table which makes sitting on the bed and typing a MUCH more enjoyable experience!

You can check out photos from Waverley Gymnastics' Coaches Christmas Break-up at their homepage here. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all.

It's still not too late to get your votes in for the 2009 Australian Gymnastics Blog Awards! (And I'll say at this point - it's extremely flattering that some people are nominating the blog itself for the Simon Reeve Gymnastics Reporting Award but I don't make a habit of nominating myself, and I don't accept write-in votes. I appreciate the sentiment greatly, though!)


Anonymous said...

I have been some doin some calcs on excel and thought you guys might be interested.

I divided all the 2012 eligible girls into juinor and senior for 2010 and then found their highest awarded d-score during the 2009 competition season for each event. Then I ranked the groups in all around total d-score and top d-scores per event.

I took screenshots so people could see the results. Morgan is actually very competitive now going by her d-scores at the Victorian championships.

Some girls haven't competed under the new code, have only done international 10 this year which uses different requirements, or their d-scores weren't in the results, so I left them blank. Note I gave Emma Denna and Georgia Bonora 5.3 in the vault column because we know they are capable of that when not injured as they were this year.

Here is a link to the screenshots:

Please tell if anyone needs to be added/deleted or if anything is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

And the JUNIOR AA I forgot to add:

Anonymous said...

That is interesting and it is good for us notive followers to see who is eligable for what, but looking at your list I beleive Brittany George from QAS has only recently turned 12 is is not eligable for the 2012

Anonymous said...

That's very interesting. Great to see someone using statistical data on this blog! Gives everyone a factual starting point for discussion.

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