Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Noes!

Lauren Mitchell is out of the Toyota Cup with injury:

Please Note that Lauren Mitchell has been withdrawn from this event due to a hand injury sustained in training. Lauren was training on vault and tripped, breaking her fall with her right hand. She has sustained a fracture to the metacarpal in her right wrist. The injury will keep Lauren grounded for the next four weeks, providing her with plenty of time to work on aerial and non upper body weight bearing training on beam.

Get Well Soon, Loz!

Larrissa Miller will compete at the event without her London counterpart. Also competing will be Philippe Rizzo and Prashanth Sellathurai.


Anonymous said...

Georgia B is having ankle surgery next week. Not as major as last time, just some floating bone.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for her. I really hope she can come back stronger than ever, I feel she has the potential to do really well with an upgraded beam set. Not to mention the fact that the team will really need her strong AA capabilities and versatility next year, since hardly any juniors turn senior. And also the fact I will really miss her gymnastics if she retires anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Georgia B might consider doing NCAA in the future. She would be finishing school this year right? So maybe she will do one more year of elite with Pacrim/Worlds/Commonwealth Games and then go off to study. I think she would be a hot recruit for any NCAA team given she is strong AA and had good execution of all her skills.

Anonymous said...

There was some talk of Georgia doing NCAA this time last year. Obviously she still wanted to give elite a go because I could see her being a desirable recruit, although there might be a problem with whether she has all the prerequisite subjects needed to transfer. Chloe Sims was signed to Utah but couldn't compete in NCAA because she didn't do all the required subjects needed to participate. I believe there were pictures of Georgia wearing an NCAA jumper last year, possibly UCLA, which stirred up some speculation that she had been signed.

I'm kind of hoping Lauren takes this injury break to train an arabian or another 'wow' F or G skill. Ditch the switch ring and add in something new that will take our breath away and be the cherry on top of what is already an awesome beam set. I believe in an interview after worlds Lauren said she had a skill she could add into her BB. I hope it's not the front pike and instead goes for something new, maybe a barani?

I love how consistent her aerial frot tuck has become and seeing as it is still worth 0.2 connection value it's worth keeping if she can keep doing it as clean as she has been and her Humphrey turn is improving all the time.

Here's hoping this injury is minor so that she can continue to impress in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, it has always surprised me that she hasn't put in a standing arabian. It seems like the ideal skill for her - not only is it high valued, but she has great natural jumping ability and has lots of experience with arabian technique.

My dream would be the double arabian dismount, especially since the double pike is getting very low and deduction heavy this year as she becomes taller.

The problem with replacing the switch ring is that she needs a high level dance skill, she can't replace it with acro. Although I totally agree that it is silly to keep it - it never gets credited and looks ugly. Although I can't say I'm surprised it has stayed in - she has also had a glaring composition error in her bars for ages but they have done nothing about that either.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Chloe couldn't crack into NCAA because they don't like you doing year twelve over 2 or 3 years.

Which is exactly what Georgia's done right?

Not that I don't want her to do NCAA. I would die to see her at UCLA! Especially as I feel like she has given enormous amoutns to elite and seriously deserves a break and college gym would be so deserving and cool for her.


Anonymous said...

updates coming straight from ga twitter???????????????????

Anonymous said...

I had never heard about the 2 years of schooling over 3 years as being a problem, but it does sound like something that could be an issue.

I had been under the impression that it was the subjects that had been chosen that were the issue. From what I understand in the U.S they want their studnets to have done subjects that are diverse and not overly geared in one direction. So having a math, english and science subject in the final years. I think Mel Jones and Olivia had met this criteria but Chloe had not. I think most gymnasts do their final 2 years of schooling over 3 years, or at least the Olympic team did because it was such a major event.

I believe that Peggy had helped the Olivia with her transisition to American schooling. She helped her with her obligatory entrance test, which I think was an equivalent to the SAT. Mel jones being recruited to the same team as Olivia was no coincidence. Obviously OSU have realised that Australia could be an untapped source of future NCAA girls. Not many teams can boast of having an Olympian as a member. In time other universities will catch on and it wouldn't suprise me if the girls are given advice on what subjects to choose to be candidates for NCAA at an earlier age so that it doesn't become an issue in later years.

Anonymous said...

No I heard it too. The subjects were an issue but not as much as having taken longer to do year 12 was.

Anonymous said...

Poor Loz, on the subject of broken bones, I believe Emma Dennis had surgery last week with a large screw inserted in a fractured bone in her foot. Turns out she competed in London with the fracture and it is the same site as the one last year prior to Olympics. The prognosis was very good as the surgeon found a high spot which was restricting movement and concentrating the forces through the fracture site, which he fixed. She was spotted back in the gym this week so keep our fingers crossed for her. If she can oversome this, she'll be a valuable all-rounder.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the info about Emma. It's hard to be positive about surgery, but at least if the prognosis is good then hopefully we will see her back out on the floor. So is just so valuable for the team with her vault especially and also her ability to compete on any event. She hasn't had a chance to show what she's capable of yet, that's for sure.

I was thinking about this the other day, and I am not surprised that Naomi is back having a crack too because it would be entirely unsatisfying to train all that time and feel later like you didn't get a chance to show your stuff because of injury. She certainly didn't, since she was injured basically the whole time from the CWG to Olympic Trials.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that all the WA girls do year 11/12 over three years so I am sure Olivia would have done so too and she was able to compete NCAA.
I remember at the time of Chloe not being allowed to compete NCAA because of the subjects she had taken was mentioned.
I am pretty sure that in first year college in the US they do a wide variety of courses whereas in Australia it is more specialised.