Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The medals keep coming for Team Australia!

Photos courtesy of Heather Maynez for WOGA.

Frodo Baggins --I mean, Josh Jefferis -- managed a gold (parallel bars), a silver (rings) and a bronze (vault) at this weekend's Valeri Liukin Invitational at WOGA. One of his best ever showings at an international event! Beijing Olympian Sam(wise) Simpson finished 23rd all-around while Josh finished 6th.

Many thanks to Rachel for emailing me the results.

And thanks to the Texas YouTuber for the video of Sam's floor!

Rank Num Name
Floor Pommel Rings Vault P Bars H Bar AA

6 399 Josh Jefferis

23 397 Sam Simpson


Anonymous said...

Great job guys!

Anonymous said...

Yeah well done!

Anonymous said...

Apparently GA has announced their revised 2010 WAG Squad lists. Anyone seen them?

Anonymous said...

I am dying to know! Probably the removal of Amber and Dasha though :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah the list is out. And yes...unfortunately Dasha and Amber have been removed. Some new Juniors. Very exciting

Anonymous said...

I guess this means Dasha is now officially retired then? Sad.

So which new juniors made it?

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any lists - are they on the website?

nade00 said...

No -they haven't been publicly announced. We all know how GA likes to keep things secret....

My tips for the JNR additions are Amelia McGrath, Nikki Chung, Emma Nedov, and maybe Katie Wurth since she medalled at national clubs. They are the obvious ones. I'm guessing MaryAnne, Emily, Zoe, Sophie Budack, and Georgia W will be automatically promoted to seniors. Not sure about Georgia S though.

I hope Alex Byers-Armstrong will be added to the seniors if spaces are opened up. She actually had reasonably high DV at national clubs in the realm of the better juniors but finished right down because of her execution scores. I hope she makes it because she must have only just missed out in juniors earlier in the year.

Anonymous said...

Secrets my ass - their is a protocol involved in naming squads especially when govt money is at play. Stand in line people.....

Anonymous said...

Protocols are constantly breached by govt and bureaucrats alike.

Speculation is a natural human instinct and in this case harmless.

There is...not their is.

Nic said...

Has anyone noticed what looks like the boogey man in the background of sam simpsons picture??

Or some trivial star wars character?

Anonymous said...

OMG you're right

Anonymous said...

As a general rule, I think people on here are well-intentioned, and you can't blame them for wanting gossip.

I think I can speak for a lot of people who take the time to photograph/video/report/discuss competitions when I say that fans genuinely care about the progress of these girls and their achievements, and that sometimes it is frustrating to go months on end without any news.

Anonymous said...

i believe dasha and ambers names remain on the national seniors list.

Anonymous said...

i don't think they have updated the new squads but i would be very surprised if either Dasha or Amber were on the list.

Anonymous said...

They certainly haven't updated them on the website - if that's what your source of info is. So Dasha and Amber are still 'officially' there for now. But that's not to say they haven't done the reshuffling behind the scenes like they do at the end of every year, and taken them off the 2010 draft. It just takes them time to make the changes on the site I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Qld have posted their list

Gymsport News: National WAG Squads Announced
Congratulations to the following gymnasts who have been selected as member of the National Squads.
Senior Olympic Squad and Senior National Squad
Larissa Miller - Moreton Bay College
Junior Olympic Squad
Georgia Rose Brown - Moreton Bay College Katie Wurth - QLD HPC
Junior National Squad
Georgia Rose Brown - Moreton Bay College
Katie Wurth - QLD HPC
Shar-Lee Clark - Moreton Bay College
Amaya King-Koi - Moreton Bay College
Natalia Joura

Anonymous said...

Junior Olympic squad? That is new. Go Katie - amazing she was put on that squad and not Amaya and Natalia.

Poor Karina! I suppose she just needs to keep working to get her skills and fitness back up.

I see no reason why GA couldn't have put up the whole squads by now.

Anonymous said...

It amuses me that Gymnastics QLD can't even spell the name of their star gymnast correctly.

Anonymous said...

I'm tipping that Georgia, Fiona, Emma D, Larrissa, Lauren and Shona will remain in the senior squad and Emily, Zoe and Maryanne will move into the senior squad and hopefully the two Georgia's as well

Anonymous said...

Why on earth doesn't GA announce it??
There is a junior AIS/GA olympic squad.
Georgia Rose Brown
Nikki Chung
Emma Collister
Rachel Collister
Angela Donald
Amelia Mcgrath
Naomi Lee
Katie Wurth
Emma Nedov

Anonymous said...

It is an odd group. They are all good gymnasts, but its just not who I would have expected. Wurth for example finished quite low in the standings at national clubs.

The main snub there that I can think of is Ashley Cooney who should be cultivated for bars. However she was not at national clubs so I suppose its a possibility she left gymnastics after Vladimir Joura quit.

Does anyone know anything about Svetlana Sanders' status? She was shaping up quite nicely until this year where she hasn't competed all all.

Anonymous said...

Ashley has not quit.

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Svetlana are both in the National Junior squad - the list above is the Junior AIS Olympic squads.

Anonymous said...


Senior National Squad - Alex Byers-Armstrong, Georgia Wheeler

Junior National Squad - Amelia McGrath

Senior AIS / GA Olympic Squad - Georgia Wheeler

Junior AIS / GA Olympic Squad - Amelia McGrath

Anonymous said...

HPC have updated their website and announced their girls. Britt, Fiona and Zoe for Senior squad and AIS squad. Tierra, Laura, Svetlana and Grace for Junior National squad

Solnishko said...

Sam Offord also competed recently in the Voronin Cup in Moscow. James Hennin from NZL was also there:

1. Dmitry Gogotov (RUS) – 14,850 (5,2)
2. Aleksandr Tsarevich (BLR) – 14,600 (5,8)
3. Yokoyama Sho (JPN) – 14,400 (5,8)
8. Samuel Offord (AUS) – 13,050 (5,6)

1. Aleksandr Balandin (RUS) – 15,900 (6,9)
2. Samuel Offord (AUS) – 14,900 (6,0)
3. Dmitry Barkalov (RUS) - 14,900 (6,2)

1. Emin Garibov (RUS) – 14,650 (5,7)
2. Dmitry Barkalov (RUS) – 14,550 (5,8)
3. Sam Hanten (GBR) – 14,300 (6,2)
7. Samuel Offord (AUS) – 13,750 (5,1)

1. Andrey Likhovitsky (RUS) – 15,200 (6,1)
2. Aleksandr Tsarevich (BLR) – 14,500 (5,9)
3. James Hennin (NZL) – 13,300 (4,6)

Solnishko said...

There must have been another Aussie there too as in the team competition (2 gymnasts per team) Australia came 8th.