Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Entry the Last

Unfortunately the 2000-2009 retrospective is still not yet finished! It will hopefully feature in the early entries of 2010. Apologies for the delay.

I'm about to whip out the door and catch a plane to Sydney where I will be for the next few days.

I hope you all have a marvellous New Year's and that 2010 itself finds you happy and healthy.

Thanks again for another year of fun and frivolity. Memories of late-night live blogging with fellow fans and friends will stay with me for a very long while. I can't wait to see what the bevvy of big competitions in 2010 will bring us to celebrate. I hope I can keep informing and entertaining you at a high standard, whatever the weather.

Best wishes from AGB Central! I couldn't do this without you guys (well, I could, but it would be six hundred times less enjoyable)!

Signing off with big festive smoochies,

Yours gymnastically,

Blog Captain Mez.


Anonymous said...

interesting move

Anonymous said...

What are you refering to? this link goes to the VWHPC home page.

Anonymous said...

Georgia-rose Brown is now at the HPC

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks. I didn't see that. That's a long way from Queensland.

Anonymous said...

They added a lot of new profiles on their profile page but not Naomi Russell which makes me question if she really is coming back or if it was just a rumour.

I am happy about Georgia Rose because now us Vic people can see her at states!

Nik said...

They added new profiles but they didn't add Georgia Rose's so maybe they haven't finished updating yet.
Ash Brennan is still on there too- is she still going? Does anyone really know?

Anonymous said...

no you're right, naomi has been training at the vis

Anonymous said...

it's just weird because she hasn't really been acknowledged as a member of the VWHPC officially even though it seems she was at a couple of events they held. She wasn't included in their very recently taken squad photos and as has been mentioned, no profile has been put up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she is considered a visiting athlete, as a final decision on the move may not have been made.