Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Entry the First

Captain's Log, stardate 01/01/10.


I made it to Sydney safely, and of course, gymnastics didn't fail to follow me. As we got ready to disembark from our plane, I halted halfway down the aisle. The little telly screen was flashing up something about a gymnast! A gymnast doing bars! A gymnast that looked A LOT like Beth Tweddle! But of course, there was no caption and we hadn't been given headphones! Had she retired? Had she been in an accident? I frantically texted my network of fellow gymnutters, and got back the happy news that Beth had been awarded an MBE! I was very thrilled for her. What a way to finish the year!

I myself rang in the new year alongside 4/5 of my family, in a little park down from the Harbour Bridge. It was packed with families and brimmed with a chilled-out, festive atmosphere. People brought tents, rugs, marquees, chairs, blankets, picnic baskets, glowsticks, party hats, the whole shebang. It was brill! The fireworks themselves were just dazzling. It was my best New Year's celebrations ever.

So I hope you're all safe and well, and that your family pets didn't freak out with all the noise.

See you very very soon!


Oh, and something else milestoney happened to yours truly today...


Ozblogfan said...

Happy Number 2 day Mez.

Anonymous said...

Happy second birthday AGB!


mistysakura said...

Happy Birthday AGB :)