Monday, January 25, 2010

Trashbags Unite!

Do you love over-acted, passably-realistic drama serials?
Do you love seeing teenage stereotypes played against backdrops OTHER than high schools?
Do you love televisual attempts to disguise where the stuntperson ends and the actor begins?
Do you love gymnastics so much you'd watch just about any trashy faff simply to see an iota of leotard-clad exertion?

Well, friends, me and my popcorn have a free space on the couch for ya.

8:30pm AEST!

"Who you callin' Stick It!?"


Anonymous said...

I've watched some of the first series of this show on you tube and it is a hoot. Gaping inaccuracies in it's portrayal of gymnastics aside, I guarantee that you will be hooked after 2 or 3 episodes. I also imagine that like me, when you see the first episode you will not believe this to be possible! I can't wait to see it on a normal size screen.

Anonymous said...

haha the show is pretty crappy and so unbelievable. but i guess i will keep watching it because it is so funny!

Mez said...


Gold stars for ridiculousness.

shelley said...

I love that the new girl does a whip, flip, layout and everyone is in awe and immediately see her as a threat!

Looks like just about any 9yo level 5 kid is now capable of trialling for the US Olympic team!

Episode 14 is out tomorrow, can't help but continue to feed my addiction.

Anonymous said...

lol. me too. I think it is great because it is sooo ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I love the tsuk back tuck that gives Emily a huge score! *L* The best part is later on at the series when Kaylie is competing at Nationals and her vault scores 16+ *LMAO*


Anonymous said...

you can watch it on
Just search Make It or Break It into the cast tv search and ta-da!

Nik said...

I have it on Fox series link... more to annoy the husband than anything.

Anonymous said...

What is it about series links that sets men frothing at the mouth?

Panfilof & Daughters LLC said...