Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in Black (and Orange)

Olivia Vivian and Melanie Jones helped Oregon State University to their first team win of the season on Friday.

Olivia competed bars (9.875) and floor (9.75) (and beam!), while Mel did beam only and suffered a fall (9.3). The OSU girls managed to hold off the other college teams to take the Salbasgeon Suites Invitational team title.

You can see video of Olivia's rockin' rollin' new floor routine here. Nice work from the girl who usually specialises on bars - watch out for the drilled double pike landing! Gotta love that AC/DC action (not to mention the hint of Lauren Mitchell on the second tumbling pass...)

You might also be wondering what happened to Monique Blount, who headed to George Washington University last year as the other Aussies headed to Oregon.

Well, Monique is having a bad run of injuries that are keeping her off the floor. She was out for all of last year, and unfortunately has now injured her ACL, meaning she also has to kiss 2010 goodbye. However, reports from the college say she is on track for recovery, and will be ready to proudly represent the GWU Colonials in the 2011 competitive season. Get well soon, Monique!


Richard said...

Olivia competed three events ... Bars was a 9.825, Beam (lead-off) 9.65, and Floor 9.750 ... her three and Mel's 9.300 went towards OSU's team total (as the dropped score on beam was a 9.275).

Mez said...

Thanks. I hadn't seen the beam score listed anywhere so I assumed she hadn't competed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mez, do you know where the camp dates for this year are on the GA website?

juniors must be fairly soon.

Any clue who is going?

Anonymous said...

The camp dates are:

Jan 18-23 (Pacrim verification JNR/SNR)

Mar 29-Apr 3 (Pacrim selection JNR/SNR)

September 16-Oct 3RD (World and CWG selection/prep - note that the CWG team will be chosen directly from nationals)

Dec 18-22

I am particularly fascinated to see which 2 juniors besides R Collister will be picked for Pacrim.

Sadly we have no idea who will go to the camps because Gymnastics Australia still haven't published the 2010 squads even though the members were selected and announced a month ago.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean Emma Collister?

Anonymous said...

Emily Little, Lauren Mitchell, Georgia Simpson, Ashley Cooney and Nikki Chung from WA are headed for Camp in January

Nik said...

For PacRims do all three snrs and three jnrs have to compete AA?
What is the format?

Anonymous said...

They compete as a 6 person team, I think it is 6-5-4

Anonymous said...

They announced the squads finally. Emma Dennis was shafted from the Olympic squad. And even though Gym Qld announced Katie Wurth was on the Olympic squad for JNR, it appears she is not unless they have accidentally left off her name.

Anonymous said...

Katie Wurth is there

Anonymous said...

Yes but she wasn't - they have changed it this morning.

Anonymous said...

Emma Nedov was also added today

Anonymous said...

sorry, where are you looking (could i have a link please?) im so lost

Anonymous said... to the GA website. Womens Squads is the top news item on the left.

Direct link;

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it a little funny that this information has been available for ages but it wan't until it was mentioned here that they got their act together and published the squads on the website?

Go Mez! Seems you drive gym news in Australia

Anonymous said...

She sure does!