Friday, January 22, 2010

January Camp Report


Yes, there it is at Gymnastics Australia - a real, living, breathing camp report! Thanks GA! *wink and cheesy infomercial smile*

The main focus of the camp was physical assessment and skills/program updating. All gymnasts verified their skill assignments from the National Coach.
Some highlights of the camp were:

Emily Little performed some beautiful and powerful Double Twisting Yurchenkos and a very high, dynamic Double Pike dismount from beam. Emily is in a very good physical condition and has made a very smooth transition into the Senior ranks.

First year Senior, Georgia Wheeler presented her new bars dismount of a Piked Double Arabian and with a 1/2 out. Georgia also showed her Double Twisting Yurchenko from the vault boxes, as well as her Front Layout 1 1/2 twist into the pit.

Fiona Coley came into camp fit and trim with a beautiful new floor routine choreographed by Stacey Umeh with music from "SAW 3". Fiona also has upgraded her tumbling passes and bar routine.

Britt Greeley demonstrated her "Wiler Kip" on bars, a unique connection to a Gienger and the also showed her Hindorff on bars.

Emma Collister performed a great Shaposhnikova to an uprise combination on bars. Emma's beam dismounts were dynamic and very much improved.

Naomi Lee has completed her Compositional Requirements on bars now with a good Overshoot to Handstand from high bar to low bar. Naomi also verified her double layout dismount from bars.

Shar-lee Clark will challenge for a spot on the next selection with an improved training regimen and some great skill.

Overall, National Coach Peggy Liddick, was happy with the improvements. There are still quite a few gymnasts recovering from post-World's surgeries: Bonora-ankle, Miller-foot, Mitchell-hand and with Morgan still recovering from her subluxed patella.

The next camp will be at the end of March and will include the 2010 Pacific Rim Trials.

Four for you, Georgia Wheeler, you go Georgia Wheeler!


shelley said...

Yeah for GA!

So pleased that they are working on releasing information quickly!

I am also please with the format of the writing and photos to boot.

Well done, this is just what is needed.

nade00 said...

Agreed. Thankyou to GA for the info. I think it sounds most promising! Britt's bars sound as if they will be really cool, and I am happy to hear about Georgia W's vaults because now she can use her amazing power on that event. Nice of them to give Shar-Lee Clark a mention too.

Anonymous said...

What is a wiler kip? It is the skill Britt is working on

nade00 said...

I'm not sure how to formally describe it, but it is sort of a forward free hip to handstand, if that makes any sense at all. It's a D.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at a Weiler kip here

Anonymous said...

what's with the strange barracking for a particular gymnast

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I see what a wiler kip is, its only a C or something though right? The hindorff is much more to brag about I think!

They also just put up a news article on GA website saying Georgia Wheeler is the fittest gymnast, folled by Naomi Lee and Fiona Coley. Shar-Lee won the rope climb (they seem to be crowing about her a bit- can't wait to see her)

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear Emma C training her shap combo.

If she can get shap+free hip to handstand, preferably with 1/1, that is a great combo for 0.2 CV under this code and it also avoids the dead hang problem many seem to have on shoot transitions. I hope more of our girls consider training these skills.

The Russians have really worked this code very well on bars and if you look at their routines they are making the most of DV potential of shaposhnikova type skills.

Anonymous said...

Georgia Wheeler is supposed to be working the shap uprise combo to link to a Tkatchev and keep the bonus building. I've also heard someone say she's been trying overshoots from a Tkatchev??

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:18am, a Weiler kip is a D, not a C. It's definitely something to be proud of!

Anonymous said...

Yes, georgia did give a tkatchev to overshoot a go at camp. She was also attempting to giant out of her enormous tkatchev.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Weiler to handstand is a D regular Weiler kip is a B, maybe that's what I was looking at (though I thought I saw a C). Still a Hindorff is an E and looks more impressive