Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sounds Like a Theme Park...

Those of you with cable/digital television and access to the Eurosport channel, keep your peepers peeled for an exciting little program called World of Gymnastics.

I discovered it quite by accident at 5:30 this afternoon. It wasn't in the magazine listings (I think baseball was scheduled), it just cropped up in the info bar. According to the narration once it kicked off, it's a program that is broadcast monthly.

Basically, it was a gymnastics results and highlights program. Imagine: Your news station's usual half-hour sports report where all of the items are gymnastics-related! It was a round-up of recent major competitions from across the gym disciplines- yes, rhythmic AND tramp AND tumbling AND acro AND aerobics got a look-in! This one was a November 2009 wrap-up so it featured finals results from the Stuttgart artistic world cup (at which our own Prashanth won pommel silver), the Berlin Masters rhythmic event and world cup competitions from the other aforementioned gymsports. It showed snippets from all medal-winning routines plus winner's podium shots, and tied the whole package together with the delightful ribbon of a Beth Tweddle profile at the very end.

In short: World of Gymnastics? Brilliant!

Watch out for it.

Top marks, Eurosport! Keep it coming!

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Anonymous said...

Make it or Break it also premiers on Fox8 this week... gym all round!