Sunday, January 17, 2010

Morris Major

I like a nice surprise, me.

I got some fantastic news during my tea break at work this morning. Eyewitness accounts can attest to me nearly up-ending my drink with excitement.

An old, dear gymbuddy of mine has finally hit the big time- Aerial skier (skiier?) David "Dangerous Dave" Morris will represent Australia at next month's Winter Olympics in Vancouver!

*thuddy music, fireworks and yappy dogs in backyards*


Dave had a fantastic World Cup performance over the weekend, clinching a 12th world ranking (talk about a personal best!) and a guaranteed berth at the Games. Dave was always an encouraging, thoughtful young man who entertained and inspired all the gymnasts he coached and competed alongside. He also has a lovely family that has supported him the whole way. A medal couldn't go to a more deserving guy. Let's not forget: at present, Dave is Australia's ONLY male aerialist, and the first male in the AIS national aerial ski team for 10 years.

Eastern suburbs ex-gymnasts REPRIZZENT!

....or something.

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Anonymous said...

His is an amazing story of persistence. Damn, good on you Dave. Off to the Olympics.