Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alexandra The Great

Another nice gymnastics surprise popped up on my last day in Sydney - today's Sydney Morning Herald featured on article on gymnast-turned-diver Alex Croak. I didn't realise the high acclaim in which she was held by her fellow divers, including Olympic gold medallist Matthew Mitcham.

Read the article here.


Anonymous said...

She looks to be on the cusp of serious greatness. It is super how long her career in sport in general is lasting.

What a champ.


Rachel said...

This is fantastic this article and to hear how she's going - what an athlete. I wish her every success for the future and bring home the hold at Comm Games and beyond!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mez, the Aussie awards got a sound out here :

xxx Becka

Mez said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what's up with Mary-anne? Her profile has been taken down from the AIS website.

Anonymous said...

Little Mez had surgery on her ankle approx 7 weeks ago. She has been in rehab since with good results.

She has been training (still at AIS) and has recently been able to start to run on her ankle so all sounds good.

I can't wait until we see her fit and healthy, with a little extra height, I think she will show us some powerful tumbling and a sky high vault.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. So she is defiintely continuing? I got a sinking feeling when I saw she was no longer listed and thought she had retired. That would be just too heartbreaking after all she has gone through. I am really praying she can go without injury in 2010.

They only seem to have 3 athletes listed there now: Naomi, Sophie, and Philippe. They also removed all mention of Valery K as a coach. One has to wonder why they docked Josh J, Mary-Anne friends, or why they haven't listed the likes of Yasmin and Ashleigh K.

Anonymous said...

No idea, but she is definitely as stayer.

Bring on good health and the year of Mary-Anne!