Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back With a Capital D

Exciting stuff happens when I'm away at work, dammit! I couldn't my laptop working this morning but I went to work assuming nothing magnanimous would go on in the gymworld in my absence anyway! Oh, how wrong I was.

Many many thanks to the anon in the previous entries that brought THIS AWESOME NEWS to my attention (Brindabella, too, who sent me a photo of the paper). Dasha's back in the gym! Sound the trumpets, shower the confetti, release the doves!

Significant quotes from the linked article are...

"She is finally ready to get back into training and is testing the waters to see how her body holds up," Chetkovich said.

"She has not committed herself to any specific goals and would like to see if she still enjoys training at top level."


"Daria has been out for 12 months so you can say it would probably take the same amount of time to get back again," she said.

"In the first instance we have to see how her body responds to training and then decide whether she still enjoys being in the gym."


Chetkovich believes the Commonwealth Games in October may be beyond Joura with selection trials scheduled for Perth in July.

"I would think it is too early but you can never say never," she said. "When you have had that amount of time off and get back too quickly you risk overuse injury."

I hope she can do it and do it to a level that fulfills her. She deserves a new lease on her competition life. We love this girl.


Happy clappy sappy 18th birthday to my favourite Smallfreckly Amber Fulljames!

Team (B)Ambi has a party bus on standby. Rock on, little one! Enjoy the day!


amber said...

hehe thanx mez!!! much appreciated :D <3

Anonymous said...

will you ever come back to gymnastics? It's a shame you never got to perform your new floor at nationals, or at world/commonwealths for that matter!

Nicola said...

Id just like you to know, I very much admire your style and polish while watching you at Victorian championships this year your floor routines was amongst my favourites!! Not many gymnasts have such great prescence. I was very upset when you werent on the bejing team in 2008 as I though you deserved a spot, hopefully we will see you at an international competition soon!

Anonymous said...

Yay... I hope Dasha does really well... she's not moving with her family to Qld? I thought she would have been but yay - I'm glad she's staying with Lauren and the others at WAIS!!!

Step It Up: said...

How awesome if we could have Dasha AND Nomes on the CWG's squad!! I for one would love LOVE to see both compete internationally again!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this. Can't wait! So many great athletes are training there right now, it would be so cool to see how Zoe, Naomi, Svetlana, Britt, and Georgia Rose are looking.

The 2010 Open Day - Date to be Confirmed

At the beginning of 2009 the Victorian Women’s High Performance Centre opened their doors to the public to raise funds for the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal. The day was very successful with many visitors coming in to watch the girls train – nearly $1500 was raised from the event.

So successful was the day that the Victorian Women’s High Performance Centre have elected to open their doors once again to the public. This year the girls have nominated the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation as their preferred charity and hope to raise $2,000.00 from the day. So bring along your friends and family and come in to enjoy this special day. The gymnasts will be wearing Pink GK Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon leotards (thanks to Jim and Brenda from GK Leotards for organising this)

Entry to the gym is by donation with all proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. Your donation goes to a very worthy cause, one which will certainly affect members from the VWHPC in one way or another over the course of their lives.

We hope to see as many people as possible there over the course of the day – schedule of training is listed below:

Tracey/Misha’s Squad Jnr/Snr International 8am – 12pm

Tatiana/Nadia and Max’s Squad IDP 5 – 10 8am – 12pm

Belinda/Meagan’s Squad Junior Development Area 12 – 3.30pm

Stacey’s Squad Junior Development Area 12 – 3.30pm

Naomi’s Squad Junior Development Area 12 – 2pm

Amber F said...

thanks for the comments guys i am really lucky to have people that appreciate my gymnastics! i am currently not training for professional gymnastics , just a little bit here and there for fitness. maybe someday i will be ready to come back but for now i am qquite happy so who knows where the future will take me! <3 xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Amber! If (or when :)) you ever want to get back into gym, you should seriously consider the NCAA path. Could totally see you rocking out a UCLA leo under Miss Val :)

Anonymous said...


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