Monday, April 14, 2008

Fluff and Stuff

NBC aired highlights from PacRim yesterday in the States so vids will trickle in soon.
The broadcast included... a brief fluff piece on Dasha J!

No, really.

It features footage from the team's podium training (you glimpse Ashleigh and Lauren).

Look at that hands-on-hips fierceness. Tyra Banks has got nothing on this little lady! Mmm-mmm! *clicks fingers*

I hate that she's not looking at the camera when she says "Hi, my name is Dasha Joura...", though, it sounds like they'd made her say it over and over and over again to an interviewer!

Oh yeah, and I hate the drivel about her accent. Seriously NBC commentary team, let it go. People assimilate after prolonged exposure in a new country, it's not unheard of.

Speaking of, um, speaking, the start of this video from the Friendship Classic shows Dasha and Lauren being introduced to the crowd. Crank your volume to hear them take the mike. It begins with "we just wanna say..." and I can't quite decipher the rest. I think it's a "thank you for having us" message.

Lauren clearly spends a lot of time practising her march-in. As Marcia Hines might say: relax a little, sister-girlfriend!

ETA: NBC broadcast footage getting upload here. Thank God YouTube's Here!

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