Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On a More Positive Note

Congratulations are in order for Alex Croak who is campaigning rather successfully for the Beijing Olympics diving team. This will make her part of a *very* exclusive group of athletes who have represented Australia at consecutive Olympics in different sports.

My favourite bit:

Croak, coached by Chava Sobrino at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre,held her nerve to score 78.20 (averaging 8s) to land the second spot – 8.1 points ahead of the 2004 Athens Olympic golden girl.
The score was settled and Croak could not wait to acknowledge Sobrino, before climbing “Pat Cash style” into the grandstand to find her mum Heather, sitting dumbstruck in the crowd.

Good on you Alex, and your team-mates.

Bonne chance!

Oh, and while we're in the mood for congratulating, happy belated 6-month anniversary to the Supporters of Australian Gymnastics group on Facebook which has grown in leaps and bounds ('scuse the pun) since launching in late October last year. Follow the link from this blog, sign in and click to join the group if you haven't done so already.
Come on.
All the cool kids on Chapel Street do it.
You know you want to.

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