Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, At Least It's Not Lara Bingle...

Breaking News:
Waverley stalwart and quiet achiever Georgia Bonora featured in New Idea magazine this week.
Not being a big fan of the trash-mags (at a pinch I'll go for a Who Weekly but not if I can help it), at first glance I'd considered this a positive yet somewhat tacky thing. Particularly with the seemingly unecessary J&J sponsorship reference/shameless plug.

But G-Bo (that's right, I'm way cool, I made that name up myself) and her outgoing personality shine through, and it is encouraging to see that she keeps competing despite struggles in her family. Good on her, and best of luck in her efforts.

Oh, and remember me saying there isn't a lot of visible positivity in Team Australia on the comp floor? 5 and a half minutes in, I take it all back. They NEED to give WA coach [the lady seen here] Martine George run of the team for a day/week/quadrennium. The girls seem comfortable in her presence and she's a positive influence on the team.

In Other Sexy, Dangerous, Hot-off-the-Press Tabloid News:

Alert the authorities!
Or at best, a substantially accredited occupational health and safety representative!
Attempted harm of a Beijing-bound rhythmic gymnast!
Sabotage is afoot!
Sabotage, I tells ya!

This just in from the eagle-eyed snapperazzi:

Oooh! Saucy!

A little birdie tells me it's World trampoline medallist and Olympic medal prospect Ben Wilden (clearly showing a bit of cheeky Benny Hill-den) modelling the tramp team's uniform for the Beijing Games.

A model, idiot?


Erm... in actual gossip, former Olympic rhythmic champion Alina Kabaeva of Russia is set to marry her country's outgoing president Vladimir Putin who is [quite a significant number of years] her senior.
The mind boggles.


Anonymous said...

I love the group huddle in Part 5 - great to see. Nice to see the commentators giving Dasha a good chance to make the floor final for Beijing - lets hope. Also for those wanting to scroll - Part 1 has Emily and Dasha on Vault. Part 2 has Lauren and Dasha on Bars. Part 3 has Britt on Bars and Dasha on Beam and Part 5 has Dasha on Floor. what has happened to part 4 - dunno hopefully it will be there soon.

Mez said...

Thanks bundles for that. I'm on dial-up, it's taking EONS to load everything and I don't know what Aussies will be where.

Part 4 is there. On the uploader's channel , they should have PacRim listed as a 'playlist'. It should be there.

Becka said...

Glad to see some media love for Aussie gym, even better that it's Georgia. Anyone who's met me knows that I'm a huge fan of 'G-Bo' (*LMAO* at Mez) gym and am pulling for her to make the Olympic team. There is just something so classical about her lines and her presentation. Hope Georgia finds some more confidence, she's way better than she appears to give herself credit for.

Anonymous said...

No wonder she got into politics! I read it recently how she had, and was trying to think of why on earth a rhythmic gymnast would take such a career path. But now I know why! Got any pics Mez?


Anonymous said...

I saw part 4 yesterday on youtube...it's there! Somewhere :)

Loved the group hugs - I have heard so much lately about how supportive the Australian girls are of each other and how loudly they cheer for each other. It's so great to see :)

Who was it in the dark blue shirt they were hugging in the second hug shot? Didn't look like Martine George. Looked like perhaps an older gymnast, a retired one maybe? I was trying to work out if it was maybe Monette or Karen, but she looks too tall for Monette and just doesn't convince me it's Karen.


Anonymous said...

Tall girl int eh blue Tshirt was Tain Molendijk. She was to compete in the Junior division but was injured.

Anonymous said...

Mez !!! Saboutage ??? I asks ya. As if A rhythy would eat a muffin anyway


Mez said...

I was thinking that myself - chocolate muffins? For rhythmic gymnasts?

What a cruel irony. The one time they get to eat them, they're tampered with so they can't. Poor girls.