Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stack It


No, it's not the latest gymnastics-related big screen comedy. And it's got nothing to do with pancakes. It's Olivia Vivian's cute blog entry, her latest to be posted at the WAIS site.

Stomping your feet, crying and hitting the apparatus isn't exactly the right way to respond. Plus, I've learnt that the beam is much harder than my fist!

I'll be the first to admit I don't LOVE her execution (particularly her laboured style on bars, though her handstand planche mount on beam leaves a lot to be desired as well, as it often turns out quite sloppily like Jana Bieger's); I wouldn't go so far as saying she's Tonya Harding to Dasha Joura's Nancy Kerrigan, gosh no. She does have a different style to to the other girls out there, but if anything she seems to exude that happy, goofy, good-humoured and sports[wo]manlike outlook that the WAIS girls are getting a reputation for, and kudos to her for that. Whatever's in their drinking water needs to be shipped over in vats to the AIS to cheer those perpetually shy-looking ballerinas up a bit.


(Although it could be worse. I watched an NCAA gymnastics montage where a girl as doing a Pak salto from high bar down to low but completely misjudged it. Instead of reaching her arms out in front of her before she approached the low bar so she could catch it and swing under, she overshot the bar and in reaching her arms out, caught the bar right under her armpits at full force. Bang, down to the mat. Now THAT'S a stack!)

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that her blogs aren't really giving me the 'oh Ill put my daughter in gymnastics' kind of vibe. Funny to those who know gymnastics but possibly not the best publicity!