Monday, April 28, 2008

We Can Be Heroes

Some gold nuggets of gym news today.

1. Support your national gymnastics movement and the admirable young people therein by buying shiny things to show how much you love them ('cause they just might not get it from Nationals attendance levels). Better yet, go so far as to invent some fake national holidays just to treat yourself to an item with an elite's happy face on it.

Happy Take Your Canvas Bags to the Supermarket Day.
Here, have a card.
...It's Ashleigh Brennan. And look, when you you open it up, it plays the Cold Case theme!

FYI the Gymnastics Heroes page is actually yet-to-be-launched, so keep your eyes peeled and your wallet unclasped. I think the height chart will be a bit of a hard sell with regards to a sport like ours, but you never know. Short people deserve some attention at Christmas time too.

2. Thanks to a new photo posted by Gymnastics Australia, I realise that Miss Joura is the embodiment of the phrase, 'give peace a chance'. What a fitting statement for the torch relay itself...
Flash back to 2007...

3. G-Radio is coming back! The audio web-cast of Nationals proved to be a success last year (where can I get my poster with Liz C's face on it, huh!?) so they're doing it all again but this time WITH VIDEO! WAG finals, MAG finals and the National Apparatus Challenge will all be streamed with commentary. I would have loved to listen to commentary last year but I'm pretty sure you can't take a laptop into the venue. Thankfully they're doing the fans a bit of a service and posting the broadcast after the event, which you can access from an archive provided you subscribed first. When you're not waiting for My Heroes to get its act together, watch for news on the GA site and find out how you can get some perspective on the event from someone other than...well, me.


Anonymous said...

Where can we hear/see it? There isn't a link

Mez said...

I assume they'll put one up on the GA page closer to the event. Stay tuned. :)