Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Torchy Torchy

First: Some gym news.

Emma Dennis, Shona Morgan and Georgia Bonora were profiled in the Oakleigh Monash Leader newspaper.

"Hey guys, I put a new pack of mag in the equipment any purple ribbon I could borrow?"

Dasha's latest PerthNow column is also up, and she gives a shout-out to Chuso.

Secondly, a public service announcement:

The Olympic Flame has touched down in Australia. The Canberra leg of the torch relay proper kicks off tomorrow (Thursday). Western Australia's golden girl and Olympic gymnastics hopeful Dasha Joura will be one of the torch bearers. I wish her a safe and enjoyable jog in the super-trendy baggy white shorts.

To anyone who has an opinion to voice on the Tibet issue, or who opposes the torch relay, and plans to overtly show their intentions as the torch goes by, please do it peacefully. I understand that passive action is in no way equitable to what China may have done to certain people over time, and of course the torch relay is attempting to distract from a lot of flaws, but the Olympic event itself stands for a lot. One of my best friends ran with the Sydney Olympic torch nearly a decade ago and that was an amazing experience for all involved, even us spectating. I would have hated for someone to try and physically wrench the torch off of her.

The torchbearers are not the ones involved in the bigger issues. They're simply there to take part.

If you must protest against what the torch stands for - turn your back. You'll be making a statement and making it peacefully. Nobody deserves to be hurt or frightened. Anger begets violence, if Yoda has taught us anything. Just turn your back as the torch passes, it's the smart and safe thing to do.

Peaceful protesting: Thorpey says it's fully sick.

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mistysakura said...

I totally agree. The torchbearers haven't done anything wrong, so let's not make things difficult for them. It's the authorities I have a problem with, but even then they're just doing their job, whatever they might believe. We need a mass backturning. (On a side note, I'm Chinese and I'm bloody sick of being lumped in with anti-Tibet protesters. I don't even want the slightest association wiht them.) I'm really glad Dasha's dispelling the myth that gymnasts are prepubescent teens. Go Chuso. It seems Dasha doesn't know what happened to Isabelle Severino though... such a shame. She was a beautiful competitor, both on and off the podium.

Oh yeah, are you filming at Nationals, and if so, which sessions? I'll be filming, but if someone else already is I'd prefer to sit back and enjoy the comp. You probably feel the same way.