Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diarise That Shizzle 2

Attention ticketholders and prospective ticket purchasers! I just received an important forward re: Pacific Rim.

Please be aware that session one at Hisense Arena on Thursday, April 28 (MAG Team and AA) has had a time change.

Instead of 1pm to 4pm, the session will now run from 3pm to 5:15pm, with gates opening at 2:00.

Have a nice day,

AGB Cabin Crew


Anonymous said...

This is a random question, but I was looking at Georgia Rose Brown's profile on the high performance centre site and noticed that she has 5 siblings.

Does anyone know why she actually moved from Moreton Bay to Victoria? Was it gymnastic related or because a parent got transferred? That is certainly a sizeable family to move.

Anonymous said...

Stop press. ...
Gymnastics in Australia has just taken a leap out of the dark ages with the resignation of Jane Allen (yay).
Just Peggy to go and we'll be in great shape.

Anonymous said...

No 1. I don't think it is appropriate to ask a question like that about Georgia-Rose.

No 2. The information about Jane doesn't seem to be posted on GA's website which begs the question how do you know this peice of information?

Anonymous said...

If it's true, it's a bombshell. I can't say that I am personally connected with Gymnastics Australia, but from what I've heard from people who are legitimate sources of information, this is a good thing, and long overdue.

Bizarre timing with Pac so close though.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely correct.... she's finally going. GA President Ken Williamson announced by email today. There is a god!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha anon 9:20pm, are you serious? Do you really think that if it's not on ga's website then it can't be correct?

Anonymous said...

From someone who's not really in the know, what was so bad about her? It seems that Australian results have been pretty good in the last few years.

Do she and Liddick have an evil alliance or something?

How will her resignation be viewed by coaches/gymnasts/other officials?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe it but it IS true!
Now the men's program might finally have a chance.
I think this is great for gymnastics in Australia
weird timing though I have to agree with Anon 9.27. Does anyone know if this was her decision to resign or if she was asked to?
Has Ken finally grown some kahoonas!

Anonymous said...

I guess it would make few people on this blog happy to see the impressive list of achievements made by the sport whilst in the hands of Jane Allen. Achievements that extend well beyond medals hanging around the necks of athletes and that continue to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of the sport.

It seems far more the norm here to slag off an individual who you know little about and clearly shows how little you really know about the sport or the people involved.

For right or wrong, it is the elite side of our sport by which we consistently judge success or otherwise.

It seems that for many people (and often those without all the facts) it is much easier to point the finger and blame one person or a group of people for the wrong doings or for when things don't go to plan. In a sport such as gymnastics we all know that this is rarely the case and it is rarely if ever one person driving the ship, yet in true Australian style is is far easier to point the finger and lay blame rather than accept responsibility.

If you think that issues surrounding elite gymnastics in this country will suddenly disappear or the lack lustre spirit enshrined in mens gymnastics will suddenly spring to life once Jane Allen walks out the door, you are sadly mistaken. Furthermore if you think that the CEO alone, in a sport like gymnastics can bring success (against whatever criteria you choose to measure that by) then sadly you understand little about the sport and the way it operates.

For a sport like gymnastics to succeed it needs a commitment from all stakeholders and a positive culture from which to grow. You try getting this in an out-dated federal system where the best interests of the sport are caught up in political stalemate and the creative energies of those who care so much for the sport are zapped of their life by individuals pushing personal agendas full of revenge, jealousy and hatred.

Try achieving or getting excited about any success in this environment.

Lets be realistic here folks, we all could name a handful of administrators in this sport whose time has well and truly come and gone, (some fell into their roles by default rather than having any genuine desire to see the sport improve or have the skills/competence to lead) yet calls for their resignation fall on death ears by boards who tow party lines and agendas amount to nothing more than how to undermine the authority of the national body. I can't see success coming any day soon - can you?

If you are looking for a quick fix to issues in Australian gymnastics I think you are kidding yourselves.

It goes without say that Jane Allen's standing in both national and international sporting circles is of the highest regard and as such played no small part in her securing the role of CEO for British Gymnastics as it heads into 2012 and a home Olympics.

Personally I wish her well and look forward to the next chapter of gymnastics in Australia.

I am rolling up my sleeves and ready for the challenge - are you?

Anonymous said...

So I suppose you are aware of the exact nature of each and every blog members connections to the sport?

Get real. You can't pass judgment and claim that nobody here is qualified enough to have an opinion when you don't even know who anyone is!

Anonymous said...

well said 10.04!!! and to 12.40 - i never said i didn't believe it was true just because it wasn't on GA's website but like others who put information on the blogs and message boards that have yet to be released to the public perhaps they should question what right have they to make that information public before the board elects to make it public. To 10.28 - there are many who post on the board that claim to be "in the know" but you can tell by their comments that they are just speculating!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, if this is true the acro and tramp sports programs may actually get some attention. All she cared about was women's artistic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Feb 13 10:04,

For you to dismiss the comments on this blog regarding Jane Allen as "slagging off" insults the intelligence of the contributors. I am one of JA's strongest critics but I acknowledge and agree with your point that she has done many good things for the sport. She has demonstrated strong leadership and great skill at staying the course.

What this blog reflects however is an undercurrent of a great many people across all the gymnastics disciplines who have been directly adversely affected by her. This includes her frequently demonstrated ability to bully, intimidate, disadvantage while playing favourites with those who tow the line. The latter is legendary.

You cannot ignore the depth and breadth of key individuals within our sport who have been badly treated at her hands. Why don't we hear from these people? Because to state your issue directly identifies you and any public criticism will certainly result in some form of subtle but vindictive retribution. Make no mistake, this is overwhelmingly the hallmark of her reign.

Not many would know that she was very nearly ousted just prior to Melbourne World Champs when a groundswell of Gymnastics identities heavily pressured the GA board. The motion to sack her was defeated by one vote on the grounds that it was too close to Worlds to make the change. That was an opportunity lost. The disaffection remains but now with a much broader cross section of people and believe me, the forces were definitely marshalling. It's a pity we have such a weak and ineffectual board but no doubt they too have been steamrolled by JA.

For Elite Artistic Gymnastics, the blowtorch will be turned in Peggy's direction. With her one and only supporter gone, she will be on very shaky ground indeed. I really can't see her lasting beyond Comm games. Her departure will trigger the second deafening roar of Champagne corks popping.

If you think the results were good under the JA/PL team, just wait to see the improvement in results with the craziness gone.

Pop... there goes another cork!

Anonymous said...

Herein lies yet another comment (Feb 14 9:18) complete with inaccuracies and spin-doctoring providing yet another reason this blog is often far from a credible source of information:-

Incorrect Fact:
"Not many would know that she was very nearly ousted just prior to Melbourne World Champs when a groundswell of Gymnastics identities heavily pressured the GA board. "

It was the President of GA that was targeted in a failed overthrow at the GA AGM in May 2005.

The people responsible were hardly "identities" in the sport. Scurrilous power hungry, wanna-bes (who failed in their attempt) would be a much more accurate description.

Incorrect Fact:
"The motion to sack her was defeated by one vote on the grounds that it was too close to Worlds to make the change".

Fact: The first vote was a tie, the meeting reconvened and the current President was returned to Office. As such there were no grounds. The coup did not happen and those responsible had clearly shown their hand.

Instead of disappearing or burying their heads in shame, those responsible have continued to wage a bitter war of resentment against GA and in doing so have stalled the sport to the point of ridiculousness. If anyone has contributed to the lack of progress across so many fronts over the past five years, it is this group you can thank.

And on a pleasing note.....

The 2005 World Gymnastics Championships lead by Jane Allen were a success on so many fronts, not least of which was a medal to Monette Russo, four nights of television coverage that brought the sport to new audiences and most importantly for the sport - a tidy profit, which has been injected back into the sport and continues to deliver tangible benefits for everyone involved.

Mez said...

People, please, keep it civil.

Take it to a forum somewhere or exchange emails with one another. I welcome discussion but if I wanted to view senior politics at play here, I'd put up YouTube clips of Yes Minister.

I have openly said that I am not endorsed by GA or affiliated with them. I don't make, contribute to, or attempt to override any of their decisions. Some things concerning them are raised here, of course (it's inevitable), but mine is not the hearth around which to discuss their executive boardroom antics.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha gosh Gymnastics Australia - good to see you posting ehre so much!

Anonymous said...

Its been made official, Jane Allen is off to British Gymnastics to be their CEO. Before their olympics... what a coup for her.

I hope she realises those Brits are awesome at power tumbling and acro seeing as she seemed to dislike those sports here

Anonymous said...

They are also good in MAG another problem!!