Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top Marks for a Top Kid

After four weeks of US collegiate competition, Perth's own Olivia Vivian is now tied for 10th in the nation on uneven bars!

Last week she scored a 9.90 on the event, her highest yet. You can see video of the routine here. Check out the stuck dismount! At the same competition, fellow Aussie Beaver Melanie Jones showed off an impressive exhibition floor routine to the delight of her teammates and fans.

You can see video of Olivia's floor (with an unfortunate fall at the end) and Mel's exhibition floor below.


The Couch Gymnast said...

That is so awesome. You know, last year there were a lot of Freshies that I love and i was thinking they would hit huge in their first yeat- including Olivia, but I guess it takes a year to settle in and hit their stride and really be considered a strong part of the line up. So proud of Vivs!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Mel.
So happy she has found somewhere for her gymnastics. I always felt she kinda missed the boat and should have gone elite much earlier.
She was an awesome talent as a little girl in levels.

Anonymous said...

Wow doesn't NCAA gym suit both Olivia & Mel :) Mel looked so nervous in that floor until she nailed that double tuck and she looked so thrilled at the end.

Can't wait to watch these two continue on in their college gym careers.


Anonymous said...

http://www.osubeavers.com/sports/w-gym/spec-rel/020410aaa.html Great article by Olivia!

Panfilof & Daughters LLC said...
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Anonymous said...

Another win for the girls and Melanie scored 9.90 on floor!