Monday, February 15, 2010

Good News

Australia named its Pacific Rim rhythmic gymnastics team after yesterday's trial in Victoria:

Senior Individuals: Naazmi Johnston, Janine Murray and Enid Sung (reserve: Morgan Lewis)
Junior Individuals: Taylor Tirahardjo, Marian Barer and Samantha Lim (reserve: Neisha Rizzo)

Senior Group: Vanessa Ade, Georgia Braithwaite, Amelia McVeigh, Lyndsey Murton, Jessica Veal.

Congratulations to all the young ladies named to the team, I know they will do us proud in Melbourne!

In other congratulatory news, Melanie Jones scored yet another 9.9 on floor over the weekend to help Oregon State to, yup, yet another team win (this time over Arizona) I know you've all probably seen the routines several times over by now, but the video below shows Mel's best performance yet from a very good angle. There is also sweet moment where fellow freshman Leilani mirrors her choreography. Look at that smile! How can anyone deny that this girl's destined for big things in NCAA gymnastics?

You can see more footage of Mel and Olivia against Arizona at OSU's channel here.

Foxtel subscribers, don't forget Make It Or Break It continues tonight!


Anonymous said...

i love the moment at 2.34 during olivias routine

Anonymous said...

Bad news- they just cancelled the freaking acro competition. Annoyed

Anonymous said...

which acro competition ??

Anonymous said...

The Pacific Rim one- tickets were on ticketek and GA had a prominent promotion on their website. GA will refund the Saturday session, yep thanks for that

Anonymous said...

I was more disappointed that Japan is not coming.

At present the following countries have sent their definitive entries for the championships:

* Australia
* Canada
* New Zealand
* Malaysia
* Russia
* Singapore
* Mexico

We are still awaiting registrations from China and Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

After Australia supported and attended their international meets last year like the Japan Cup and the Toyota Cup, it is a shame they did not bother to return the favour.

Anonymous said...

We went to Japan as a favour?? Here I thought that we were getting international experience for our gymnasts. They no doubt have their own reasons for not attending, perhaps they are concentrating on improving their programs like we apparently did earlier this year. A pity though - with that I agree.

nade00 said...

Apparently it is right around the time of Japan's nationals, which is why they aren't going.

According to knowledgable Chinese fans, China probably won't go either because they have the same issue, which explains why they haven't registered and the deadline has passed.

A real shame that the one time we get this meet two of the best nations don't come. On the bright side, I suppose it does improve the chances of our girls to win a medal in front of their home crowd, which would be awesome for them to experience.

Anonymous said...

Nade - can you remeber the name of the broadcaster that showed the worlds - the one where you had to subscribe through GA??

nade00 said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nade - that's the one