Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pretty Shoddy News

On top of the news that the acrobatic gymnastics component of Pacific Rim 2010 has been cancelled due to lack of interest (see GA for a statement), it is with much sadness and sighing that I now post the following message from Wolfie, moderator of the Aussie Gymnastics Message Board.

Hi Gym Peeps,

It's been fun, but the time has come to say goodbye to the Aussie board. We just don't have the traffic or the interest for it to continue.

If you want to keep up with gymnastics news both in Australia and internationally, I recommend the following links (in no particular order):

Gymnastics Australia: http://www.gymnastics.org.au/
- (For officially sanctioned news from GA)
GA on Twitter: http://twitter.com/GymAustralia
- (Get the goss - the recent goss on Aussie gym news)
Mez's blog: http://ozgymnastics.blogspot.com/
- (Find out Mez's perspective on things. She's a passionate Aussie gymnastics fan, but hey, you already know that. You're here!)
WWGym: www.wwgym.com
- (Understand what's happening around the world. Chat and debate with people who aren't antipodean)
The Gossip Board: http://gymgossip.com/
- (Edgy, definitely adults-only, highly moderated, but a really good source of the latest news, scores, gossip and opinions)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6781861362
- (A Facebook group for Aussie gymnastics run by Mez)
The Couch Gymnast: http://couch-gymnast.blogspot.com/
- (An internationally focused gym blog)

There are many more, but I think you'll find the ones listed are a good start.

Long live Aussie Gymnastics!

Love Wolfie.

It is a shame, as I've always tried to direct any prolonged discussions over there.

So, in the past year we've bid farewell to the message board and the A-Z of Australian Gymnastics, two very important and entertaining webspaces that inspired, informed and nurtured this blog from its humble beginnings in 2008.

My best to all who contributed to both spaces, I appreciate the great discussions and experiences we shared. It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet some of you in person. I like to think I have some great friends standing behind me and the blog as we trundle along the dusty path of gymnastics fan reporting and spectating.

To paraphrase a late, great, author - So long and thanks for all the dish.


mistysakura said...

No... both about acro and about the board... and I thought that acro being included in Pac Rim would have been such great publicity for the sport... I hope they'll do demonstrations, at least.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to that website set up by somebody called "cheylissa" - it was quite good.

Anonymous said...

please dont follow suit Mez! We's miss you too much!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, A-Z is not dead. Sure, there won't be any further updates (too busy with our lives), but you can access the pages through the geocities archive. Essentially any URLs that had geocities in them should be substituted with reocities ie www.reocities.com/australiagym_az/ (or whatever our URL was!).

At some stage we will put all the pages and photos onto another domain name - planning in progress. I also have photos from nationals in 2007 and 2008 on my photobucket page (but please, respect copyright - I don't want another local paper debarcle - long and boring story).

~ Simone

Wolfie said...

Thanks for posting that, Mez.

I think that times are a'changin' and that's only natural.

Aussie gyms fans are forever though.

Froggy said...

Hey ... me too Mez. And Wolfie, thanks for the hard work and the endless merriment of the 'old board'. I'll miss her :)


Mez said...

Hi Simone, thanks for clarifying. No nails in the coffin for you lovely ladies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Simone,

Tould you please post a link to your nationals pics on photobucket? Thanks

Wolfie said...

Thanks Froggy, but the credit must be shared.
- Robin was the administrator for the old board for years
- Before Robin, there was another lovely person (I am ashamed that I cannot remember her name. She was based in Perth)
- Plus we had a number of great moderators including you, Froggy.

So it's really thanks to a group of people. Now, I think, Mez is holding the baton. BustenhalterSpeed, Mez! x

Anonymous said...

Yes I guess a link would help, wouldn't it?


Most of them are my travelling shots but the gymnastics albums aren't hard to identify.