Friday, February 19, 2010

Get Set...

If you haven't already, you can become a fan of the 2010 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships at Facebook.

While there, you can now see an interview with Stephanie Moorhouse and a short report by Lauren Mitchell, which I have posted below:

Lauren Mitchell became the first Australian woman to medal in an individual apparatus final at a world championships, winning silver on the beam and floor at London’s O2 arena in October 2009.

With a busy year ahead, Lauren continues to provide an insight into her world behind the chalk.

“You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I went to Canberra as part of the national squad to attend the first national training camp of the new year. The group of girls that attended came in from Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and of course Canberra itself. This camp was also the first time that the junior and senior Olympic squads (at least for the 2012 cycle) were combined in one camp.

Peggy, as always, was stressing the importance of fitness, skill levels, team work and demanded heaps of work from us all - most days we trained for 9.5 hours! Although it was hard, at least I got to jump into the recovery centre every night - even if it was only 10 degrees - to recuperate.

This time, heaps of other athletes including wheelchair basketball, soccer and swimming were at the AIS, although of course no one as important as the gymnasts! It was great seeing other sports there, but I hated waiting in the long lines for lunch...

Two weeks after the camp’s conclusion I got the okay from the doctor that I was able to start training again on my hand. I felt relieved because I have been waiting for what seems like forever (actually only nine weeks). Ever since then I’ve taken it nice and slow to get back into full training. I am nearly there, I just have a few more skills I need to get back then I can start to work on my fitness again. Treatment wise though there is not much a physio can do for a broken bone, so I’m just monitoring my skills in accordance with the pain. So far the pain has been minimal which is better than I had expected. In case you are wondering, for all those gym girls out there, it is better if you don’t break too many bones – it really messes with your training!

Outside the gym I have been preparing myself for the next stage of my educational journey.... university. After 14 years of school (ok, including pre-primary) I have been accepted into the University of Notre Dame to study Biomedical Science, which is basically learning more about the human body. As an elite sports woman I am very focussed on how my body works, and the balance I need for gym, and the way different food affects me ...even the tiny things make such a difference. It fascinates me to understand how it all works.

So wish me luck for full training, uni lectures and getting back into a routine for 2010.”



Anonymous said...

"it is better if you don’t break too many bones – it really messes with your training!"

Love you, Lauren! Best. Quote. Ever!!


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Anonymous said...

can you get more things about MG on here

Mez said...

I'll absolutely try. The Aussie MAGs are just as important to this space as the WAGs. The unfortunate thing is that women's gymnastics gets featured more in news and press so I don't have a great deal to go on with regards to the men.

Anonymous said...

They have new pics and small profiles up for every AIS/GA O squad girl and the AIS girls too.

Much more flattering than the pictures on the GA site...