Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Close!

"DAMN close!"

Apparently the 9 Network didn't even show the men's aerial qualifications today but you should see them tonight from 10pm (AEST) during the day's highlights on Vancouver Gold.

A family friend came into my work to let me know David finished an admirable yet bittersweet 13th, less than a point(!) short of a 12th-place qualifying rank.

We love you, Davo. You tried your best and you can't say better than that. You sure put the skiing world on notice! Here's to another Olympics!


Anonymous said...

Not only was his quad jump in particular, beautiful in the air (and non-too-shabby landing) but Dave was for me, a great example of a fantastic ambassador for sport. So classy in the face of the disappointment of missing the final by less than a point. SO hoping he sticks around for another four years at least!


Anonymous said...

Why haven't we talked about Lydia, Jacqui and Liz making the aerials finals, and Bree too?

Anonymous said...

i dont think the aussie girls will win medals in hte areails finals...i think the chinese and the belaraussian with the cool name will tak ethe medals.

such a shame david missed out - so close!!!

Anonymous said...

Three Aussie women - all ex gymnasts - have made the finals.

If we applaud David for just missing out on making the finals (and I do), surely we should also applaud our women who did make the finals.

Just my view.

Mez said...

I more than applaud the Aussie girls we'll be seeing in the final today.

It's just that David is a personal friend of mine from my gymnastics days, in the biggest competition of his career to date. His brother in particular was really hoping to drum up some public support for him (especially as the women have been getting more media coverage before and during the event in the first place).

That's all.

Anonymous said...

People are so ridiculously picky about what is and isn't discussed. If you want something discussed, comment on it and see if others follow, instead of implying that it is sacrilegious that it hasn't already been brought up.

This is a gymnastics blog after all, and Mez can cheer for her friend without being obligated to personally congratulate every other winter Olympian.