Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I see You Davey...Shakin' That Ice

The researchers, air traffic controllers, sonar operators, lab technicians, martial arts instructors, gadget monkeys, military personnel, robot repairmen, librarians and tea ladies at AGB home base are all doing a little jig today in anticipation of the men's aerial skiing qualification round in Vancouver.

From around 1pm AEST, keep your eyes and ears out for AGB's favourite little ball of fire and ice, Melbourne's own David Morris!

If you see a big green and gold wig bobbing around in the crowd, that's his brother Peter.

Meet the rest of his cheer squad here: http://media.olympics.com.au/video/the-morris-family/prevCollectionID/039F2FCE-135B-11DF-9CC1005056B0333F


Anonymous said...

I watched and he missed the final by less than 1 point! Poor guy!

Anonymous said...

The final qualifications result was heartbreaking :( SO close but I guess with the way the hill has been, there's every chance he might still get to compete? I'd imagine he's the first reserve for the final if anyone withdraws from the final?


Mez said...

Thanks, guys. I managed to catch him on the 7pm news. I worked all day, but a family friend came in and told me the result! As far as I understand it, channel 9 didn't even show the event today but will show it tonight during the 10pm(AEST) replay.

I just really REALLY don't want to listen to Eddie McGuire. ;)