Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear National Sports Museum


So... It was nice paying you a visit today. I like what you've done with the place.

Just one little thing, if it's not too much to ask.

Any chance of... maybe... getting a little more gymnastics in there? At all? I mean, the Nadia footage on the 'Olympic Champions' video archive was nice to see. But we seemed to have uniforms, equipment and and photographs from every sport Australia's had Olympic representation in, except for gymnastics. Why did only the medallists seem to get acclaim? And furthermore, why wasn't Alexandra Croak listed in the section of 'athletes who have represented Australia at multiple Olympic Games in multiple sports'? You seemed to have everything else updated to reflect Beijing results, except that.

Furthermore, why does the 'Hall of Fame' plaque and biography wall list world champion aerobics athletes, lacrosse players and HANG-GLIDERS alongside names from the more fancied sports, but no gymnasts? We've scored, what, more world championship medals in the last 9 years than across our entire time participating in the sport (which is, I remind you, over 50 years). We have one world champion and a handful of minor (though you'd hardly deem it that given the standard of competition!) world medallists. We've hosted two world championships in this country and one of the most memorable rounds of Olympic gymnastics competition ever seen. It's not as though the sport is completely foreign here.

All I saw was a photograph of Dasha Joura forming part of a wacky "Wahey! Athletes come in all sizes!" height chart display. That was it. Nothing else in the museum showed a trace of Australia's gymnastics footprints.

C'mon, Melbourne sports boffins.

Stick some leotards in those glass cases of yours. Put up some photos. Tell some stories.

...Think of the children.


Anonymous said...

you go girl

Anonymous said...

Australia sports media needs overthrowing and to include gymnasts... seriously I'd much prefer my children (when I have some) to look up at gymnasts who are harding working, focussed and clean living (as far as we know anyway), then football stars always getting in trouble for their 'friday night behaviour' etc

Sorry just my little rant.

lol - have you sent this to them? I'd even sign a petition form ... if I'd seen it for myself.

Anonymous said...

The national sports museum is run by a bunch of old male cruds who have been part of the boys club of sport for a very long time. I would send your letter in to them, and also the SPorts Minister as they received funding from the Govt for it so it shoudl represent all sports.

Anonymous said...

The MCG Museum of Sport (the old one) used to have a gymnastics leotard on display from the 1956 Olympic Games. Not sure if this was donated by Barbara Cunningham or Wendy Grant (both members of the team). Wendy used to take tours of the old facility but not sure if this is still the case.

Like most museums I am guessing that they rotate items and would guess that these items would be held in their archives. Films from the 1956 Olympic Games gymnastics competition were also provided to the museum for safe keeping.

Mez said...

Now, I remember reading something about Stephanie Moorhouse donating a leotard to a museum (whether it was the Melbourne or Canberra sports museum), to sit alongside that old one...?

Maybe I'm dreaming...?

Regardless, Saturday showed me that there was neither an 'old', nor a 'recent' leotard on display anywhere!

Wolfie said...

Supply and demand. Simple economics. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that it is a bit slack that Alex Croak is not on the dual representatives list. I went to the museum early this year when I was in Melbourne and I did notice that.