Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pacific Rim News: Team Australia (MAG)

GA has confirmed our men's team to the event!

Congratulations to...

Senior -
Phil Rizzo
Sam Offord
Sam Simpson

Jack Rickards
Tyson Bull
Brody-Jai Hennessy

“The Pacific Rim Championships will provide a benchmark to see where I’m at, and to see where I need to improve ahead of the other major international competitions this year,” said Rizzo.

“To be put under pressure this early in the year and to go to the Commonwealth Games with one major international competition already under my belt will be invaluable.

“It will be great to compete in front of a home crowd in Melbourne. It can be nerve racking but it can also lift you up and to have the world’s best compete in Australia will hopefully inspire the next generation of young gymnasts.”


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the girls! Hope you can all do your best tomorrow!

When you consider that 6 of our best seniors are injured (including the whole worlds team), along with the Brennan/Russell possibilities, we are really not looking too shabby. Some nice scores for the juniors, too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to BJ Hennessy - go Robertson!

Anonymous said...

Kevin James for getting Junior reserve

Anonymous said...

Tyson Bull, it is time to SHINE! Show us your guts, grit and determination. We are all behind you and are so proud of everything you have achieved. Show Australia what you are made of!!