Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make 'Em Laugh

A sweet article about Olivia Vivian can be found here.

You can see why she won the inaugural AGB Award for Team Encouragement!

Aside from what she's doing in the gym - where she's posted career-bests of 9.900 on bars, 9.850 on beam and 9.825 on floor - Vivian has also proven to be a viable team member in the locker room with her comical, outgoing personality.

"She's just really fun to have around," senior Mandi Rodriguez said. "She really knows how to keep things light."

"She's always enthusiastic," junior Jen Kesler said. "She always finds a way to make us laugh, no matter what."

Vivian said she gets her personality from her dad and that she "doesn't take a lot of things too seriously."

"You just try and have fun with it," she said, "and that's what I try to do: Make (my teammates) smile, make them laugh and make this more enjoyable for them."

Like this, Liv? ;)

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nik said...

She is just living the dream! I WISH I could have gone to college in the USA, it looks like such an experience. Here uni is like; do your classes, maybe hit the bar and get out. There its all about teams, they support their sports teams, they live as a team on campus etc, they get more people to almost all college football games than we get to the NRL/AFl finals! It just seems like a place to have a lot of fun and get a great sense of pride!