Thursday, March 18, 2010

Disgruntled of Melbourne

You can follow a link to the petition I have created (re: National Sports Museum) here.

I apologise for any typographical or factual errors, I did my best to include the most 'resume boosting' results across the gymsports (and I admit I do not know a great deal about sports aero or acro), not counting Commonwealth Games results. I unfortunately neglected to mention that a number of Aussie gymnasts have skills named after them in the artistic Code of Points (you'll also notice that neither 1999 nor 2000 falls "between 2001-2009", duh).

Errors aside, your signature and support will mean a lot. I'll be emailing it to the National Sports Museum once I reach an adequate number of signees. You can opt to make your email address private when you sign, and I will not be passing on any details to advertisers or other parties. Please send the link to families and/or friends and get them to sign too. Our strength lies in our numbers!

This petition is not being circulated in association with, or on the behalf of, Gymnastics Australia or its affiliated state associations. I take full responsibility for any and all outcomes involved with its publication.

Thank you for your time.


nik said...

Just so you know the Australian team to the Acro World champs was announced today.

People don't generally care about acro but I love it and we have some great groups heading over to Poland- big chances for finals!

Anonymous said...

posted it on my facebook :)


Anonymous said...

I posted it on my Facebook too :) How many Signatures are you wanting to get?

Anonymous said...

Mezsatr .... if this petition is successful, will that mean that you are then 'gruntled'??


Anonymous said...

There's hundreds of gymnasts in this country. Where are all the signatures??? COME ON GUYS. SIGN