Monday, March 29, 2010

Pacific Rim News: Miscellaneous

Jack Rickards thus far has been the only publicly announced member of Australia's Pacific Rim men's team. Fingers crossed we hear the rest soon. Well done, Jack!

(Early source says Rizzo, Offord, Simpson?)

WAIS have put up some videos of their WAGs' recent routines in training. You can view them here.

Speaking of WAIS and potential Pacific Rim team members... Happy Birthday to the Perth pocket rocket Emily Little who turns 16 today! Check out her double layout bars dismount among the videos above, it's pretty wicked.

Thanks to everyone for keeping me advised and updated in the comments. I'm a bit hopeless when I come home from work!


Anonymous said...

Inside info - Sam Offord, Phil, Sam Simpson on Pac Rim team.

Anonymous said...

Poor Prash :( I suppose 2 events is not enough.....

Anonymous said...

Here's the latest interview with Peggy. Sounds pretty good, cant wait to see what Laurens "New Skills" are!!!

If this link doesnt work its on GA website.


Anonymous said...

Emily's bars are crying out to be upgraded. She is counting a B right now.

She used to do a gienger and clear hip to handstand as well, so why not -

free hip full D
toe 1/2 + jaeger (C+D 0.1)
bail + stalder shoot (D+C 0.1)
toe full + gienger (D+D 0.1)
double layout D

That would take her to around 5.8 if my calcs are correct.

Anonymous said...

good point!!! I wish australia would push the difficulty a bit more and go for some original skills look at Beth Tweddle she is amazing and has THE most original routine ever!!!! C'mon Australia :)

Anonymous said...

nice double lay!! keep up the great work:)
happy bday em!

Anonymous said...

Emily could get up to a 6.0 D-score just by reintroducing the gienger after the toe full and beginning the routine with a shaposhnikova uprise instead of the free hip full suggested,becasue shap-uprise gets 0.2 connection bonus. They are crazy not to take advantage of this.

That is only one new skill to train for nearly a whole point rise in difficulty value, so if I were her the shap is the skill I would try and add.

Anonymous said...

Georgia Wheeler 1st AA after 1st verification (Jnr + Snr combined)

Anonymous said...

Here is the MLC report - scores seem a bit on the low side to me. Can anyone post the top 3 on each event?

Amelia McGrath and Georgia Wheeler just completed their first day of competition at the Pacific Rim Trials today. In her first official Senior Competition, Georgia hit 4 events today – top scoring the field with a 55.20!

She competed her new vault, handspring front pike half (as well as her Layout yurchenko), a new bar routine with Arabian double pike dismount, new beam dismount of flic flic double pike, with the only “old program” being on Floor. She competed exceptionally well – and has put herself into strong contention for the Pacific Rim team. She is current placing 1st on bars, 3rd on vault and beam and 4th on Floor.

Amelia McGrath also competed exceptionally well, currently in first place on floor with a fantastic routine; beautiful double horizontal turn and triple turn! (Thanks Lisa, our star choreographer!) She hit a clean beam as well currently ranking 4th, connecting her front aerial to back handspring layout step out for the first time, although she can make improvements with a cleaner routine tomorrow. Her upgraded vault was performed well (Yurchenko Layout) and whilst she missed her Jaeger on bars, she was a great deal cleaner in her routine today and competed double tuck off bars for the first time. Amelia is currently ranked 5th, with an AA score of 51.00.

With another competition day tomorrow the girls will spend this afternoon doing recovery and rehab. All scores from both days will be combined for the final results!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about how the QAS girls did? Please help!

Anonymous said...

WAIS have deleted all their videos! They mustn't have liked people watching them....though if that's it I don't know why they would have uploaded them to youtube in the first place.

Anonymous said...

According to a camp source - Katie Wurth was the only QAS girl trialing and is currently 10th AA. Emily Little fell on vault and floor dropping her to 2nd AA, Britt Greely 3rd, Angela Donald 4th (yay) and Amelia McGrath 5th. Apparently Georgia Wheeler looks very good.

Anonymous said...

Pac Rim Trial Day 1

1. Britt Greely - 14.00
1. Emma Collister - 14.00
3. Georgia Wheeler - 13.70

1. Georgia Wheeler - 14.30
2. Larissa Miller - 13.90 (fell maybe?)
3. Emily Little - 13.50

1. Emily Little - 14.30
2. Angela Donald - 14.10
3. Georgia Wheeler - 14.00

1. Amelia McGrath - 13.95
2. Amaya King Koi - 13.85
3. Emma Collister - 13.50

Anonymous said...

So with Georgia 1st, Emily 2nd, Britt 3rd, Angela 4th (hugely impressed), Amelia 5th, where is Georgia Rose Brown and the COLLISTERS?

I thought the twins would be shoo-ins since nearly every other junior does piked yurchenkos and they do tsuk fulls. I honestly thought the only way they wouldn't make it would be if they died on the floor.

Anonymous said...

proshi didnt trial