Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 DTB Stuttgart (2)

Hi all

Bit of a funny old weekend for me, only playing catchup now.

Vids of the Aussie girls competing all-around can be found at this YouTube channel and there is a wrap up of results from International Gymnast here. Lauren finished 4th and Emily 8th.

You can see a photo gallery here.

Speaking of Perthies, a huge congratulations to dual Olympian Allana Slater on being inducted in the WA Sports Hall of Champions!

Edit Monday - Congratulations Australia!

Our pink-and-black-clad girlies Emily, Lauren, Nikki and Larrissa finished a commendable 2nd behind Russia at the DTB Cup team final!

International Gymnast has scores here.

The Gymnastics Examiner has quick hits from the team final here.

Videos are once again going up here. Thanks, GutsuFan!


Anonymous said...

Well done Australia! 2nd behind Russians, 3rd to Germany and 4th to NED. We gave away some good points with falls and OOB. What a shame. The girls looked a bit brighter tonight.Shame we could'nt hold on to 1st position.Maybe in France!Have a safe trip home Lauren.

Anonymous said...

Good quick hits from IG. Even they mentioned something about thank goodness we are not seeing 'that' leotard from team finals at worlds!

Anonymous said...

Just watched Emily Little's floor routine here:
I think, among other things, Emily desperately needs to work on her landings...

Anonymous said...

I think there was such a backlack about that hideous ornage and pink creation from worlds that it will never be seen again! Peggy, nor anybody else, would ever be able to not notice the distaste everyone had for it - fans and athletes and commentators alike!

What a great shot of the girls there though Mez - well done Emily, Nikki, Loz and Riss!

Anonymous said...

backlash* orange*



Anonymous said...

to anonymous 11:05--
why don't you get out on the international circuit and go show Emily how to land her full in, her double tuck, her double pike? you think she stumbled on purpose? you sit on your ass and criticize...what a wanker!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:53
A full in may be excused but a double tuck??? Should be a basic skill with little to no fault. Landing deductions make a significant difference to scores on the international circuit. Emily is very powerful and a lovely gymnast but her landings are very poor on even basic tumbling at an international level. Stating the truth, does not make someone a wanker. A critical analysis of each gymnast's performance is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

yeh anon 5.53 go away, let people discuss the sport in a fair and appropriately critical way and take your own opinions and insults elsewhere.

It is seriously tiresome when people come on here and tell off others for making fair and informed comments about gymnasts' performances.

This is an elite sport after all. I suppose you also want to change the rules so the girls get a sticker for participation?

Anonymous said...

My comment regarding Emily's landings was not intended as a personal criticism of Emily. She is a fantastic gymnast who I'm sure is working as hard as she can to be the best gymnast she can be. But if Emily is to compete with the finest gymnasts on the international circuit, she simply can't afford to have such massive landing deductions. That's all.

There is no need for name calling. Your apology is accepted.