Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Radio Gym

Hello, I'm still here, pootling along.

If you're in Melbourne, don't forget to tune in at 6:25pm to Radio Eastern (98.1fm) tonight to hear VWHPC gymnasts talking about their experiences.

There is also a Channel 10 interview with SA trampolinian (my word, not theirs) Blake Gaudry here.

(Ohhh is it pronounced "GORR-dree"? I always said "GOW-dree"! *packs up and leaves human race*)

6:27 I just tuned in. G-Wheels and Zoe L are on air!

Zoe tries to explain the complex scoring system. Not easy to do!

Georgia says you eventually 'get the hang' of balancing gym and school, and schools are always a good support network.

Q: "Is gymnastics good enough to make [you] a living?"
Zoe is very articulate, admitting that it isn't easy to make a living because it doesn't earn you a lot, and says gymnastics for those over 20 can be difficult... but with a shout-out to Chusovitina!

Zoe aspires to to a journalist - with a shout-out to RMIT!

Q: "Do you know lauren Mitchell personally, and were you inspired by what she did?"
Georgia (with a shout-out to her 2010 Worlds participation!) says she is an inspiration to everyone, great to train alongside, and a good person overall.

Talk turns to the benefits of the system no longer being centralised. Zoe says (in short) it's great for gymnasts across all the states, it's much easier not having to travel to Canberra all the time.

Georgia's highlight was the team gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and competing at Worlds. She hopes Australia can carry that into 2012.

Zoe's highlight has been her overseas assignments earlier this year, and her participation in the Youth Olympic Festival.

The big goal for both is the 2012 Olympics ("We've always been training for it"). They recognise that USA, China and Russia are the big competitors.

Injuries. "They're a huge part of this sport, it's everywhere, every girl has had at least one injury that's kept them out for months or years... it's an annoying part of the sport [but] you have to learn how to manage competition load."

The token "how many apparatus are there?" question. DUDE, SAY IT WITH ME: RESEARCH. Aaaaaaaaaand once again rhythmic gymnastics comes up. Zoe laughs and says "That is SUCH a common question! When we tell people we do gymnastics they always go 'oh, so you do the ribbon?'" Georgia and Zoe say in unison "That one's RHYTHMIC!" with a giggle.

Georgia's competition superstition is sticking with the same brand of hairspray. She worries that they don't make it any more and she's running low! And she has a little buddha figurine whose tummy she rubs before every competition.

Zoe - her special talent is reciting the alphabet backwards really fast. The host asks her to demonstrate, which she does, but not before guffawing "But that's not gymnastics-related!"

Q: "Do you have to be small to do gymnastics?"
G: Being small is an advantage, but being tall doesn't stop you. (With a quick shout-out to the two "awesome" tall girls at their own gym!)

Q: "What are the numbers like at your gym?"
Z: About 70 at the VWHPC.

They describe a typical day/session of training.

"Zoe...err, can I call you Zo?" Whaaaaaaat. He has their nicknames on a sheet of paper and feels like being cheeky. He even busts out "Wheels"!

Q: "What's the VWHPC like?"
Z: "It's always busy, there's always someone on the mat... there's always someone on an apparatus doing something."

The "We Ask Every Guest" question - who are your rivals? Who do you love to stick it to?
Both say China, America and Russia. "To beat any of those three... that's like the best day ever!"

Q: "How many sponsors and support team members do you have? Any plugs/shout-outs?"
G: The VIS, the coaches (shout-out to Tracey and Misha!)

Benefits of gymnastics:
G: "I have made the best friends through gymnastics. It's great... everyone in the gym is just like a big family."

The girls then nutted out the selection and training process after the trials. Hardcore stuff.

Aaaaaaaand we're off air!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary -- I missed the broadcast. Sounds like they were great ambassadors for the sport.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary!

I turned on the radio late and got some dramatisation! Not exactly what I was hoping to hear! hehe

Zoe has always been a great bundle of energy and quick wit so I would have loved to have heard the interview.

Georgia W came after my daughter left so never really got to know her, but she sounds like she is fitting in just fine.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the dates for WG & MG nationals 2012 .... Not the rough 3 week date but the specific dates for each gymsport ... Although cant believe they need to keep it this way with the men not qualifying for London ... Nor rhythmic(????). It's putting pressure on coaches to have boys ready so early next year. States are yet to release dates for trials but some are looking at March ????

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if GA are sending anyone to Combs La Ville or Marseille Cup ? I would imagine they would need to be leaving soon.Also, anyone going with Lauren to Germany?

Anonymous said...

I would assume HPC would be sending some girls
Eade, Boucher, Leydlin and Muntenau probably
GA maybe Jasmine and Emma? But i dont think there has been an official announcement..

Anonymous said...

Why would GA be sending Jasmine and Emma and not Eade and Leydin

Anonymous said...

Prob cause emma is eligible for olympics next year and the more international experience the better.

Anonymous said...

Australia is sending Miller, Little, Chung and Brown to Massilia Cup in Marseille for the team competition which will have the likes of Afanasyeva, Komova, Nabieva and Grishina. It's on the 19th of November.

Anonymous said...

and because HPC send their own team
But thats different sending seniors, especially emily and georgia
But go Australia!

Anonymous said...

mitchell is invited to the dtb world cup. little, chung & miller will joing her for the team cup. wheeler, brown, brennan & monckton will go to marseille, along with little, chung & miller. mitchell goes to mexico in december for world cup.

Anonymous said...

So it's all the same girls AGAIN! Feel for the others
who need the experience.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else even healthy right now? Are Simpson/Wurth/Joura/Lorenzin/Donald even able to go?

Anonymous said...

Even if those girls were healthy I don't think they have the goods to go yet. Not when compared to those who has been selected to go. While I agree they need experience at this point in time it's better to get the international judges recognizing and knowing the girls and their routines who will most likely be in London next year. This can only do them wonders for recognition and reputation whilst allowing those slightly less consistent girls, like Miller and Wheelers, another few chances to get their confidence up and better their hit rate, ready for the Olympics.

And I love them, but let's be honest, Joura and Wurth are not going to make the Olympic team (if they are even age eligible?)

Anonymous said...

Wurth might, if she gets her difficulty up a little (which some injury-free time would help with). She has gorgeous form and minimal deductions built into her routines.

Anonymous said...

It's silly to say now who will and who won't. Remember at this time in 2007 the big three locks for Beijing were Hollie Dykes, Chloe Sims and Dasha Joura. Well only 1 of them ended up going. Injuries, burnout, anything really can happen between now and then. Especially with this lot where you need a couple of huge vaults and bar routines. If someone busts out any big upgrades on either of those events, they have a huge chance.

Anonymous said...

Some of the girls also may have thier Secondary school leaving exams at he moment and the timing may not be right.I agree, anything can happen leading up to the Olympics. These girls, although gaining comp experience, are not able to upgrade whilst in comp mode
for the next few weeks plus the added strain on thier bodies of staying in comp mode in itself is a risk.Hope all goes well for them.
Glad to see Georgia W back in action. Has anyone heard how Chloe Sims is going? She seems to have fallen of the radar after her injury.

Anonymous said...

exactly, im pretty sure Britt has exams at the moment unless she is foing year 12 over two years like others in the past have.
Who else was at the worlds training camp ?

Anonymous said...

Georgia Simpson I think is also doing year 12 exams. Some may have all ready finished.

Anonymous said...

Chloe Sims is half way through her recovery according to facebook

Anonymous said...

I bet the girls would rather be going away than doing exams! Good luck!

Gemma Wilson said...

Thanks for the summary - These guys work so hard...