Monday, November 7, 2011

Post-Worlds Assignments

Hi guys.

I'm going to update this post as official word of assignments filters through.

The VWHPC is sending four athletes to the Massilia Cup in Marseille, France - Ash Brennan, Georgia-Rose Brown, Maryanne Monckton and Georgia Wheeler. Apparently WAIS is sending some delegates too?

Lauren Mitchell is slated for the DTB Cup in Germnay but I will post official confirmation when I get it.

Edit: GA have updated! The Tokyo team is on the move again!

Lauren will indeed head to the DTB Cup in Stuttgart (Nov 11-13), accompanied by Emily Little, Nikki Chung and Larrissa Miller.

Lauren will then head home while the other three, plus the Victorians mentioned above, zip over to Paris for the Massilia Cup (Nov 18-19). 4 girls will compete in the Master Massilia round and 3 will compete in the Open Massilia round.

UPDATE - Little to compete alongside Mitchell at the DTB all-around? Not sure if accompanying or replacing altogether.


Anonymous said...

Good luck girls

Anonymous said...

According to Gymnastics Examiner, Emily Little will now compete in the all around competition instead of Lauren Mitchell -

Anonymous said...

Lauren must still be having issues with her ankles.It will be interesting to see how Little goes.

Anonymous said...

it is a shame Lauren is still having trouble with her ankles but at least they are being careful with her. I wonder is she will compete floor,