Monday, November 7, 2011

Radio Gym 2

An interesting piece on the psychology of 'talent' and 'practice making perfect' on ABC Radio in the last few days featured Victorian gymnast Georgia Wheeler. Check it out here.

*strokes chin sagely*

There is also a photo gallery of Georgia in training here.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who is competing at National Clubs in Junior and Idp 10. Im assuming that it has changed since Aust champs with some girls moving into junior and some coming up from Idp 8 and also who's injured and not going etc etc...I cant find any info on gymanastics Australia, why dont they list the girls that are competing this information should be accessible to the public.

Anonymous said...

entries have not been finalised yet.
Makes listing entrants a little difficult to list the girls

Anonymous said...

They should be finalised as the cut off date has passed

Anonymous said...

I agree anon: 7:19pm entries were finalised some time ago. If the AFL or the Horse racing or any other sport were holding an event the public would be notified as to who is playing or racing, and if the situation changes, for example and player is injured or a horse is scratched they would advertise this information at the last hour.
Cmon GV and GA get with the times, this is an elite sport and the information needs to be out there and not available for internal use only as there are also outsiders interested in following this fantastic sport.

Anonymous said...

I agree that GA could get the lists up.

Don't expect there to be too many girls with so many in Germany/France though.

But one question, what do GV have to do with National Clubs? How is the delay their problem?

Anonymous said...

GA offices are flooded and they're on limited services... says so on their website.