Friday, January 2, 2009

2009: Entry the First

Shoulder quaintance beeef I got
And neeeeever something, something!

Happy New Year, everyone. And HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO THE AUSTRALIAN GYMNASTICS BLOG! I can't believe I didn't think to post yesterday, it only just hit me. My little bloggy is one whole year old, howzat!? Time certainly flies when you're having fun...

I hope 2009 brings some exciting gymnastics events for me to discuss and dissect with you all. Let me welcome in this new year with an invitation for you all to continue sending feedback, news, reports and media from or about gymnastics issues or events. I can't be in fifty places at once so I invite you to submit (or at least consider submitting) anything you might want to share with other gym-thusiasts. I created that email address for a reason, and all sources get credited!

This blog can't run without readers or contributors so don't be afraid to let me hear your two cent's worth. It's nice to take a break from my own voice once in a while. We've already had one reader get public kudos for her journalism efforts, whose to say you can't be next?

That said, my primary concern here, beyond informing and entertaining gymfans, is RESPECT. Respect for your opinions and creativity, and respect of the exponents of this great sport - the gymnasts. I do not, and will not, publish information or multimedia items taken from a gymnast's MySpace/Facebook/personal site without knowledge or express permission of the athlete in question or the site's master/mistress. The last thing I would want would be to embarass or discredit someone who does not deserve it. Please exercise common sense with anything you come across and think about the implications of bringing it to my knowledge. I consider, for the most part, all outcomes of material sent to me and posts I may be writing; I just hope you do the same. I do my best to utilise the most legitimate and/or reliable sources, I most certainly do not glorify hearsay or grudge-based rumours.

Mez sez: Use your noggin and we'll get some worthwhile bloggin'!

Now let's get this 2009 ball rolling. Up very soon is the Australian Youth Olympic Festival which, I have said, I will be absent for. But I know there are a couple of sources heading to the event, so I hope they'll be generous enough to drop me a line and I can try to post a bit if I get near an internet cafe where I am staying.

There's no stopping the competition season, so GO YOU BIG RED FIRE ENGINE!!!


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Rick McCharles said...

Congratulation on turning 1.

I am a big fan. Love the cheeky tone.

Rick McCharles