Friday, January 2, 2009

Keynote Address: Liz Chetkovich

Let's get this year started with a motivational, informational, un-muppetational speech.

I discovered, rather accidentally, a fantastic little nugget on YouTube. After the Olympics, WAIS gymnastics program co-ordinator and television commentator Liz Chetkovich (pictured below) was a keynote speaker for a conference given by the Western Australia Department of Sports and Recreation. The speech was recorded and can be listened to in various parts, found below. Liz talks about the growth of the WAIS gymnastics program and its contribution to Australia's gymnastics successes, as well as her own journey starting up and working for the program. This is a must for any coach or Australian gym enthusiast, as well as anyone who is curious as to how WAIS has become the powerhouse it has.

Part 1, in which she outlines Australia's gymnastics history, is here
Part 2, in which she talks about WAIS early days, is here
Part 3, in which she talks about the WAIS system and its structure, is here
Part 4, in which she talks more about Olympic development programs (and says both "yay!" and "ant's pants" and claims she is the "world champion of getting Australian visas") is here
Part 5, in which she talks more about coaching and sums up WAIS philosophy, is here

"The other thing I've learned [is] nobody's a 'star' until they DO something. You have to actually SHOW you're a star before we can call you a star."

Liz, I wish I knew how to quit you.

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mistysakura said...

Haven't had time to watch the clips, but my eyes were randomly roaming the screen and alighted on the words "university graduate". Congrats on graduation!