Tuesday, January 6, 2009

YouTube, I Tube, We All Tube

It had to happen.

I started up a YouTube account for this blog which you can find here. I have to sort out these video files so I can upload Olympic footage, NBC is being very unkind to my efforts. In the meantime, have a squizz through my 'Favourites' and watch my OTHER Olympic montage!

Should I film anything in future, it will go to that account and NOT the original FicusGirl account. Please disregard that one now and keep your eyes peeled on t'other.



Anonymous said...

love the new display picture!
It's a beautiful choice.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic, I know, but do you happen to know of A-Z of Gymnatics is going to update their website at all or hav they given it up?

Mez said...

No idea. The photographer and one half of the webmistressing team has taken an indefinite break from photographing at competitions. No idea about the other, sorry. They updated just after Nationals '08 and added some profiles. Otherwise I am quite unsure.

I should hope they do, it was a very informative site.