Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aussie Gymnasts in the News

More from Olivia Vivian today. I don't know if it will be an ongoing thing, but she's written an Athlete Diary here.

In terms of Australia Day celebrations, The Moreton Bay Regional Council named Beijing MAG representative Sam Simpson as their young sportsperson of the year, and you can see him mentioned here.

West Australian fans in the Esperance area can see Allana Slater at an Australia Day family event at Adventureland.


Anonymous said...

On Allana Slater's appearance...

"There will be a number of Australian themed highlights including an appearance by Olympic gold medal gymnast Alana Slater"

Wow, three mistakes in one paragraph!

1) She didn't win GOLD as far as I know.
2) She didn't win a MEDAL as far as I know.
3) It's Allana, not Alana.

But hey, great to see she's still out there promoting good stuff. She was a wicked performer and really sweet girl... hope she has great success with her shooting!

Mez said...

Interestingly enough, I found the "Olympic gold medal gymnast" sentence awkward myself. I know people say things like, "That's a gold medal performance!" or "It's a real gold medal day!".

But I don't think you can really say "gold medal athlete". In my opinion it should me "medallist" or "gold medal-winning gymnast".

I hope they meant to say Commonwealth Games gold medallist because that's true of her. Maybe they had selective vision and read "Olympian and Commonwealth Gold Medal winning gymnast..."

I find it surprising that they're not touting her shooting prospects (although I suppose a person who dabbles in firearms isn't the BEST person to show off to kiddies at a family event) but instead sticking with the gym stuff, despite her being off the scene for nearly five years.

But yeah. Errors. Totally lame.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on guys ... they're journalists! Never research when you can make it up, and never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Get your accreditation Mez, FGS