Saturday, August 15, 2009


They must be handing out free kittens or something at Moreton Bay College.

Amaya King-Koi has now made the move to the centre, and begun training under Chloe Sims' old coaches. This means MBC now boasts four national team members in Bambi, King-Koi, Larissa Miller and Georgia-Rose Brown (the latter two are pictured below).

Speaking of Bambi, it is believed her recent leg injury is actually a sustained hip injury. No confirmation on this yet (but it's pretty crap news either way!)


Anonymous said...

what about Sharlie is she not junior international

Anonymous said...

This doesn't look good for QAS. I hope these girls do well at MBC.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge Sharlee Clark is MBC's third junior international girl. However she hasn't competed lately (injuries I presume) and is not officially a member of the national junior squad.

Anonymous said...

Fiona article

Can't believe world trials are this week. Hoping for success for Larisa, Shona, Lauren, Emma and Georgia, even though one of them will be reserve.

Step It Up: said...

Had a cheerleading comp at MBC yesterday. I wonder how many girls they have training at the one time as the gym while very well equipped (ie pit, tramp, trak, various things into pit etc) it's not a big gym space wise by any means. I can imagine if they have fairly big classes that it would get quite hectic and noisey in there!!