Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Worlds Team Trial Countdown 2

Alternatively titled: "Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *clapclapclapclapclapclap*

I am completely scrunching up my face and emitting small yips with excitement. There is something about THIS world championships and THIS potential team that has me thrilled rather than nervous like selections past. Don't ask me why. I just feel like the right decisions will be made for the right reasons and we have some big opportunities this year...

Oh all right, I'll cut to the chase and give you some goss.

This came today from a source:

"Larissa won bars first day of comp with 14.1, she had an extra kip handstand in there, so that's about.5 deduction.
Amber was only trialling beam and had a fall.
The judges are being much tougher as at nationals they were 'apparently' too nice and were not giving the gymnasts realistic international expectations."



I am hoping the team is named by 9 tomorrow as I am having another adjustment to these damned braces of mine. I will do my best to inform you as soon as I can though I will certainly not be miffed if someone finds out and breaks the news. Please ensure, however, that you are using reputable sources when doing so. I do get miffed when people post speculation as 'official' news.


Here is my loud and semi-inspirational Getting Excited for the Team-Naming and What Will Happen With the Namees in London Thereafter playlist that you might be interested in.

* Queen: "Don't Stop Me Now"
* Pulp: "Mis-Shapes"
* Bluejuice "Vitriol"
* Edith Piaf: "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien"
* Jebediah: "Fall Down"
* The Cat Empire: "Chariot"

Hey, I never said my tastes were straightforward... ;)

ETA sometime later: Lauren Mitchell debuted a Baitova (Yurchenko double) at the trial.


A motherflippin'.



Sitting her in first place over the two days' trialling AND bringing the Australian double Yurchenko count up to four: Mitchell, Morgan, Dennis and Joura. Holy amazing vault line-up, Batman!


Anonymous said...

Lauren Topped the selection Trials over 2 days and competed her DTY for the first time!

Anonymous said...

It's great that Lauren has a DTY, I was wondering when she was going to upgrade. Do you know anything about anyone else at the trials?

Anonymous said...

No Sorry. I knew that Lauren was training the DTY but didn't know when it would be ready. I don't know about anyone else. I wasn't there either so I don't know how well the skill was performed. It is great news that she did it though.

Anonymous said...

Over 2 days,Georgia 2nd, Emma 3rd, Shona 4th, Brit 5th, Fiona 6th

Mez said...

Lauren has a DTY!?

*is agog*

Anonymous said...

If Georgia came second at trials then she would have to be good chance for the second AA spot. Especially considering she probably has more improvement in her than anyone else because she is still on the comeback trail.

nade00 said...

How exciting! Is anyone else surprised at the AA standings? I thought Emma wasn't doing AA for one, and I thought Shona and Britt would be higher up. Not that I'm complaining though! Well done to all the girls.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was expecting standings like this. It is great great great to see. I did however expect Shona and Emma to be switched. But it seems then that Emma must be doing quite well and Georgia even more so if they're that high up in the rankings. They are coming back well - yeay! I still think the team will be Loz, Emma, Georgia and Shona.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised by the AA standings. Georgia and Emma must have done well. I was surprised Shona only came fourth. There are only two AA spots so I guess the other spots will be decided by who did well on each apparatus.

nade00 said...

oh, and does Shona ACTUALLY have a DTY? Or is it a myth that started and never stopped? She looked so sluggish on vault at nationals and has always had poor form on her 1.5, I just find it hard to believe I guess.

Mez said...

I definitely had either Waverley info (or perhaps it was an AIS training camp update or something) from some time ago that I'm SURE contained the words "Shona" and "Yurchenko 2/1" and "comfortably".

I am trying trying to FIND it.

*trawls through notes*

Anonymous said...

She definately competed a double at OLympic games trials, saw it with my own eyes, as did Emma

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the second trial at the AIS or are you talking about 2008 Nationals because at Nationals Shone definitely did a 1.5

Anonymous said...

no the trials at AIS, sorry i forgot there were two trials

Step It Up: said...

Just regarding that photo... isn't it nice to see all our umm 'National' colours in the one photo!

Fingers crossed for GREEN & GOLD only at this comp!

Anonymous said...

I think it's about time they got new leos actually. Those pink ones and the green gold and white one of Lauren's were debuted in 2006. 3 years on, surely they can get a new design.