Monday, August 17, 2009

Japan Cup Catch-Up

Just before we hit the Japan JUNIOR event, let's take a look at some items that have emerged from the recent SENIOR Japan Cup!

Look our pretty team at the welcome ceremony, with their big smiles, and the creepily identical way they hold their hands! ("Now that's discipline", I hear you say with a satisfied nod)

(Don't be fooled into thinking Lauren's the one in the black cardie. That'd be Larrissa.)

There are also some smashing videos. Lauren's all-around vault is here and her team final floor is here. High definition for the win!

Thanks to DavidDC and Penguin888 for bringing these up.

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Anonymous said...

So has anyone got any news on trials. on the gymnastics australia site the trialling girls are pictured in their Aussie comp leos, Amber among them, so her injury can't be too bad after all if she is actually trialling for worlds as well.