Monday, August 3, 2009

Choice Cuts

Nade's latest collection of Nationals photos contains some fantastic moments (Hey look, it's Hollie!) from on and off the floor.

In other news, Australia has named its team to the 2009 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships.

Congratulations to...

* Naazmi Johnston
* Chloe Hayes
* Danielle Prince
* Janine Murray
Jaelle Cohen named as team reserve.

GA have also put up a fantastic little summary of the recent IDP clinic in Perth (complete with cute video!) where some recent and past Olympians helped out. Apparently Olivia Vivian showed off a fancy-pants new floor routine!


Anonymous said...

In the vid, does anyone know who is the girl in the red and white leo on the left in the second or third row? She is a terrific dancer.

Anonymous said...

She really is isn't she. It's almost like she already knew the dance! Could it be Celeste Loo? Hard to tell form the video but it looks like her to me.

Nik said...

Wow wow wow on the pics. LOVE the fact Nade has named the majority of the gymnasts! The photos are fantastic!
Two major comments from me:
Brittany Boffo's plance on beam is awesome- love it!
Secondly, too many pink leos.

nade00 said...

Glad you guys like them!

Awww I loved Aleksia Curcic's pink leo, that's why I took so many pics of her! Admittedly I wasn't a huge fan of Monica Sloane's pink leo though, it was a bit too pink.

Mez said...

When I first saw the thumbnails I thought it was a version of 3P's fairy-floss-and-white leo from the '06 Shangai World Cup. But when you click for a close-up... it's definitely a bit excessive! Judith Anne Carroll's looks a bit more like it... from behind at least. Or is it really more like Nastia's in the Stuttgart beam final...?

I don't mind that one on Alyssah Kaye (looking at the photo of her on beam)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the navy blue one and the royal blue one here:


Anonymous said...

Those photos are awesome!! Way better than the hired professional photographers who took minimal action shots and lots of pose photos. Thanks nade!

Anonymous said...

did you take any of natasha hamman? i was looking but couldnt see any .. but i am a little bit blind

nade00 said...

These are the only ones I got of Natasha:

They're not on Flickr because Flickr only let you upload 200 images with a free account.

Anonymous said...

Natasha Hammann's Floor is here;
My videos are rubbish compared to Nade and others but It doesn't look like anyone else has put it up. I have a fair bit of video from Nationals including some National Level 10 if anyone wants anything in particular.

Mez said...

If you have anything of the N10 top place-getters (especially Chloe Sims) I'd love to see them.

Thanks for the video!