Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worlds Team Trial Countdown 3

I am well aware I wrote the incorrect date.

Just as a small distraction for those of you hunched over at your computers, feverishly hitting 'refresh' repeatedly on the GA homepage (you are not alone!), you might be interested to know that Naomi Russell has allegedly moved from Queensland down to Melbourne and is continuing her gymnastics training.

Aaaaaaaand back to clicking.


It's nearly 1:00 and no announcement yet. I really can't keep my internet on for another hour or three hours or however long it's going to take. I was very surprised the announcement wasn't made at 9am like the Beijing team was. I have contacted JumpMedia to try and find out when a media release is expected but of course the announcement really lies with Peggy and not with them.

Anyway, I'm going radio silent for a while so if the news breaks while I'm gone, run with it and have some fun.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mez, you're a dag!


P.S But I agree. GBo for a stellar AA finish in London! :D

Anonymous said...

I love the other girls but would adore seeing a Worlds team of Lauren, Georgia, Emma & Shona :) (Loz & GBo to go AA, Emma on VT/FX and ShoMo on UB/BB. (It's the option of 3 up on any particular apparatus per nation during prelims/qualifying isn't it?)


Anonymous said...

Yeah three each apparatus. I wonder who Emma's two vaults are going? It seems like vault is going to be weak at worlds.

Anonymous said...

I meant how not who

Anonymous said...

I think this will be a strong team
I can't wait

Anonymous said...

haha i luv this pic georgia is the coolest!

Anonymous said...

naomi wow. Which club is she at?

Anonymous said...

Lauren, Georgia, Shona, Larissa. That's the team.
From a person that was there....

nade00 said...

OMG - Emma got screwed over!? I am so disappointed.

Larrissa's top score on UB at trials was 14.4 - nothing against Larrissa, but GA clearly do no research whatsoever if they think she has a hope in hell to make UB finals with that! Half the AA field will score over that at worlds! this is ridiculous!

Shona's AA total was also nearly 3 points lower than Emma's apparently. I don't understand how you can blatantly deny someone a spot they have so clearly earned.

I have had enough of this rubbish, I seriously don't know why I bother anymore.

Mez said...

If the person was actually there to hear the announcement then I accept that (grudgingly, I mean - Emma absent, again!?)

I will still link to a GA media release when one is provided.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Larissa's bars are fantastic. Given that there can only be 2 AA - perhpas the other two were stronger on their individual apparatus than Emma

Mez said...

I've started a new post announcing the team. Feel free to shift the discussion up thar.


nade00 said...

Honestly, do they not understand that UB is the most competitive event and VT is by far the weakest right now? Do they not actually check international benchmarks before they put someone on a team to do 1 event as a specialist?

She might be a specialist relative the the other UB workers we have, but I can tell you now that the the UB final is almost sewn up.

2 from USA
2 from China
Tweddle and Downie from GBR
Koval and Zgoba from Ukraine
Brinker from Germany
Semenova and another Russian
Tsurumi from Japan
Dufournet from France

then there is also.....
Cha Yong Hwa from PRK
Ferrari and Galante/Parolari from Italy
Pauline Morel from France
Dragoi from Romania

It doesn't take a genius to see that there it aint gonna happen. And of course, if it does I will eat my words and admit I was wrong, but it's just not realistic that it will!