Friday, August 21, 2009

The Left?

Haters can go there.

I will admit I was quite hasty in airing my disappointment that Emma Dennis was not selected for the World Championships team and relative unknown Larrissa Miller was. This was primarily because I've had the honour of being privvy to certain aspects of Waverley goings-on and therefore felt the planets were aligned for Emma, and furthermore that she was to receive sweet redemption for Beijing. I felt that Peggy's selection of an apparently lesser-prepared, single event specialist was of benefit to few except the athlete in question, who I presumed will not do the selection justice in the end. Yes, my friends, that was my initial reaction in no uncertain terms.

That said, and a good step back taken, I will clarify am more than willing to get behind Larrissa (aaargh, too many r's and s's. What does she get for short? Larry? Riss? Her name is getting harder and harder to type!) and support her role in the team. It's true we have not been able to view a great deal of her routines and therefore have judged her potential from what we've got. A few short videos do not a reputation make. I truly have nothing against Larrissa and to be honest, I have to reason to. I now wholeheartedly accept that she is on the team for the reasons she was chosen, and wish her the best alongside her team-mates who I'm sure will have a lot of advice and words of support for her in this exciting position she is in. She will no doubt grow in confidence and reputation during her time with the other girls.

I also have it on very good authority that Emma is quite content with her selection to the 'shadow squad' (note: NOT a travelling band of superheroes, whatever you may think) and the unique opportunity to travel to Europe.

Any nay-sayers will have to be behind this team come their day of departure for London because they are the girls Peggy has picked to represent us and from there, there is no going back. She will have prepared them as best she can up to that day.

A Worlds selection is a bloody good PB in Larrissa's book, no doubt the first of many.

"I reckon she's tops!"


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how old Larrissa is? haven't really heard too much about her until naitonals and Japan Cup. Here's hoping that this oppurtunity is the catalyst she needs to really push herself into contention for other teams in the future.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know Larrissa is 17.

Anonymous said...

I believe she was born 1992, not sure of the birthday though.
Emma's routines were probably not World standard as Larrissa's Bars were. Also I am fairly sure that if Emma were given the choice, she would much rather go to World Championships than any other comp in Europe. But something is better than nothing right?!

Anonymous said...

12th July 1992 they announced on first day of comp at Nationals this year and sang happy bday to her I hear too that she is going for her driving licence on Thurs, good luck Riss!!!

Anonymous said...

rissa, she likes to be called rissa! she is a great person and full of personality if you no her. she is funny and kind and im sure she will leave a good impression once u get to c more of her. her bars are beautiful and definantly world class, i hope that people will support her. i no MBC has not always had the best name but thats not because of her or the coaches there,if u no what i mean. it is a great gym with great kids so i hope people will back her and support her.